For $5,500, GMC And Be Seen

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe custom GMC Suburban show truck is so freaking long its bumpers might have different ZIP Codes, but will its price have you saying so long truckah?

Owning a show car or truck is like marrying a super model, you'd need to know what you are getting into. Most importantly, show cars and super models don' look like regular cars/people, they're usually arrestingly different in appearance. That's the case with today's 1970 quad-axle GMC Suburban, and while you may never get within 30 feet of someone like Gisele Bundchen, at least this wild show truck will give you an idea of just how far that distance is.


Claimed in the ad to have been built as a show truck in the ‘90s, this orange and orange multi-axle behemoth started out as a GMC 3-door Suburban, but through the machinations of some visionary craftsmen now sports a step-side bed stretched to accommodate that crowd pleaser of Olympic ice skating, the triple axel axle.

In case you are wondering, only the first of those back three transmits the power to the pavement, the remaining two just being along for the ride and to cause tears of joy in the eyes of tire store managers every time you pass by.

Up front, apart from the custom paint and yet another set of chrome steelies, the truck looks pretty stock, the GMC edition of the Sub being nearly indistinguishable from its Chevy brothers from 20 yards. Under the bull nose hood is what's claimed to be an SBC from Mr. Goodwrench, which the seller says runs and has only 30,000 miles on its clock. That was installed during its show car build, which the ad says was undertaken in the Buckeye State.


On the down side, he also says it needs a brake line - what is it with these older cars and trucks and crapped out brakes? Can't they freaking fix something like that before getting all Craigslist on us? Inside there's supposedly a split bench seat out of a Caddy, and nothing else. It also is said to have old gas in the tank, so if you are a connoisseur of vintage petroleum products that could be a plus. If not, then plan on bringing a length of hose. And, a mint for after.


Who would buy such an outlandish vehicle? Well, this would be a perfect traffic driver for a GMC dealership, so there's that to be considered. Or, line the bed, fill it with water, and run the exhaust pipe in there, and you have a perfect mobile Jacuzzi limousine. Lastly, do you have some neighbors that you really, really want to piss off? Park this on your front lawn, fill the bed with ice and PBRs, and crank up the Skynyrd.

But of course before any of those options could be exercised, there is the matter of this truck's $5,500 price tag, and whether all those extra axles on this orange custom actually add up to that much green. What do you think, is this generous GMC worth $5,500? Or, is this a custom with an unaccustomed price?


You decide!


Madison Craigslist or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to The Biebster's Got A P71 for the hookup!

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