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Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Just so there’s no confusion, today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Hilux is a pickup that’s white over black, while a Hydrox is a cream-filled cookie that’s black over white. See the difference?


Speaking of different, this Toyota pickup is - like Forrest Gump - the dictionary definition of the word. Unlike that cinematic human four leaf clover however, in the case of this truck perhaps that's not so pejoratively applied. The ad claims that this truck started out as a ’79, but only its body hails from the year feted in a classic Smashing Pumpkins song, the rest is. . . well, different.

Underneath the white and five-day’s worth of stubble rough standard cab sits the ladder frame from an ’82, which is still makes it an N30 and opens the door to questions regarding the necessity for the new foundation. That will have to wait however, because we’re not done with the list of non-original parts and upgrades this truck enjoys.


This gen of Hilux 4x4 had live axles at both ends, and those here have also seen attention. In front the pumpkin gets a TrueTrac diffy, while out back the supporting player role is filled by a 4.88-geared Detroit Locker. Tires are massive 33-inchers, with the kind of knobby tread pattern that makes highway driving a noxious aural experience.

The body is lifted a modest 2-inches in order to fit the big meats, and that might mean standing on your tippy-toes to take a gander at what currently resides under-hood. In there, and backed up by an Asin R150 5-speed, lies a DOHC 7M-GE out of a Supra.

The 2,954-cc straight six was good for about 200-ponies back in its day, and that, along with its spec’d 190 or thereabouts lb-ft of torque, makes for a pretty substantial upgrade over the 90-horse/122 lb-ft 20R that originally powered the truck.

Other pluses are the power steering conversion, Bilstein shocks and seats that the seller “thinks” are out of a Mitsubishi Eclipse. With so much else that’s gone into making this Frankentruck forgetting the source of the thrones seems excusable.


On the downside, the truck is offered as-is, and of course should you live somewhere where they give a shit about what color the air happens to be then good luck getting this beast to pass smog.

But, let’s say you live in one of those states were they either consider clean air standards as an affront to freedoms, or are blessed with an active offshore breeze that makes air pollution somebody else’s problem. In either of those situations they probably don’t require smog tests for title transfer and this truck would be solid gold.


Of course that’s if its price doesn’t require dipping too far into the buyer’s reserves of gold. The seller is asking $4,000, and if you consider all the different parts and brands it represents that may seem like a bargain. When you consider it as a sum of those parts, it may however come up somewhat lacking. And that’s what you now need to determine.

What’s your take on this Supra-powered pickup? Is $4,000 a fair price for such a melange machine? Or, is this a Hilux with too hi a price?


You decide!


Denver Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to DrivingForFunandprofit for the hookup!

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