Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Volkswagen's Golf has always been popular, so popular in fact that some people can't bring themselves to own only one. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Harlequin edition is a technicolor yawn of a Golf that'd be like owning a bunch. But will its price color your opinion?

Speaking of the Germans, yesterday's fun in the sun Mercedes Benz 280GE Geländewagen is as uncommon a sight on these shores as was 70 years ago das boot near them. Unfortunately that lack of ubiquity didn't make its price look any better, and fully 64% of you gave the G-wagon das boot in das ass.


Lots cheaper, and far more colorful is today's 1996 Volkswagen Golf Harlequin. Named for the multi-hued jesters of yore due to the unsolved Rubik's Cube nature of its paint scheme, the harlequin Golf also sports unique seat upholstery and bright gauge faces. Like all Harlequins, this one is based on the GLulz edition with its four doors. The base color -as determined by the door jambs - appears to be turquoise green, while the rest looks like the rattle can aisle at Ace following a 6.0 quake.

GLs in ‘96, and hence this hard-har-harlequin were powered by VW's ubiquitous 2.0 SOHC four. That engine was good for 113-bhp and motivational power that is best described as barely adequate in shifting the car's 2,577 lbs from point A to B. The fact that this one has a five speed manual helps, but the shifters in these things have all the feel of fishing around an old man's mouth for a loose denture.


Fortunately the interior, including the unique fabric, looks to be completely serviceable and the fact that the seats lack the aggressive bolstering found on the sportier Golfs is a benefit as they aren't worn from aggressive ingress and egress. Also a plus, 1996 saw the return of the glovebox to Golf dashboards, giving you a place in this one for your pointy-cornered hat with the bells. On the downside, there are some take it or leave it Betty Boop floor mats and steering wheel cover booping up the place. Maybe the seller would want to hold on to all the Boopinalia at no extra charge?


The exterior has a few more problems, including some rust pimples that need to be popped, but with nearly two hundred grand showing on its odo, and the fact that it winters in Monroe MI, outside of Detroit, it's a wonder this VW isn't a swiss cheese of oxidization, and doesn't have a family of Gypsies squatting in it. The seller does note that it has been predominantly garaged over its life, with some exceptions. In addition to the sharting of rust, the pictures show a war wound that attempts to add yet another color to the car, that being the white off of something that sideswiped the front bumper. Wheels are steelies with witness protection program-caliber plastic covers, and the tires appear to be both black and round, always a good thing.


Harlequins historically were protagonists in staged performances known for their agility and dexterity. Strangely, one of the origins postulated for the character was that of the Helliquin which was supposed to be in league with the Devil. This Hareliquin Golf should prove relatively agile, and hopefully won't present a new owner with deviltries known with later Volkswagen products. As one of only a couple hundred manufactured, it's also pretty rare.


As noted at the beginning, some people get pretty passionate about the Golf, and this one, being so jolly, gives reason to do so. It may lack rings on its fingers and bells on its toes, but you can bet your aunt fanny it gets smiles wherever it goes. If it were to go into a new owner's driveway, it'll cost them $4,000 for the honor. Do you think that makes this Harlequin a show stopper? Or, does that price require too big a pot at the end of this rainbow Golf?

You decide!


Motor City Craigslist or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to greennyellow67 for the hookup!

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