Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

If you’re a prepper AND a car nut then today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe… er, chimera, is the… um, car/house/garage for you. The question is, will the upcoming apocalypse break the bank?

I must say that I’m a bit flabbergasted that yesterday’s 1983 Subaru 1800GL custom convertible garnered an overwhelming 80-percent Crack Pipe loss. I figured five-grand would have been considered a fair price for so quirky and seemingly well preserved of a car. Of course I’m also flabbergasted that I just used the term flabbergasted twice within the course of just two sentences. Also, get off my lawn!


So, I’m having a bit of a hard time wrapping the ‘ol melon around today’s candidate. I mean, the truck part is pretty easy to grasp- it’s a 2006 Ford F-350 Dually with the company’s 6-litre Power Stroke turbo diesel engine and a five-speed automatic. That part’s easy, it’s the rest... well, we’ll get there in a sec.

Now, before you start throwing tomatoes and booing about that powerplant, understand that the Ford/International 6-litre probably isn’t necessarily the nightmare engine you’ve heard. They have had issues over the years, the most egregious of which is probably head bolt stretch causing blown head gaskets and coolant where there’s not supposed to be coolant. Overall however, the mill can be reasonably reliable. Not only that but the ad notes no problems with this one.

The truck comes with Ford’s upscale Lariat package so there’s leather seats and fancy pants trim inside, while it’s a Crew Cab so there’s doors galore for all your egress needs.


However, much like the object of attention in a certain Sir Mix-A-Lot song, it’s what’s out back that counts, and that’s where this truck gets funky. Sitting in the bed is a slide-in camper unit that sleeps four and apparently also can carry either a motorcycle or a small car and all the zombie-offing equipment your heart desires.

Those of you thinking you could finally share your slumber time with your beloved whip without social stricture will be disappointed to learn that you apparently can’t do both at the same time.


The car-carrying capability is also limited by size, but then isn’t that the case with all rear-entrance efforts? In the ad, the seller shows the truck with a Beck Spyder ensconced in the back of the truck like its brakes inopportunely failed on the freeway. That leaves it hanging out of the custom container but, still it seems reasonably secure in there. And no, before you ask, the Beck doesn’t come with the truck.


When not carrying a literal butt-load of car, the space inside becomes a rustic cabin-like sleeper. There’s room for four to get their Zzzzs on, as well as a cast-iron stove, hand-pump basin, microwave, and creepy sun mural to ensure you don’t sleep too soundly. A winch at the head of the bed helps with car loading, or whatever sort of kinky shenanigans you might otherwise think up.

Everything raises up to make room for the car, and there’s A/C in the back door in case you wanted to chill without the Netflix.


The seller calls this beast “Bulla Matari” which surprisingly isn’t a famous line from The Lion King but instead apparently means “breaker of rocks.” There’s only 21,000 miles on the truck and just as you might expect, it’s being offered as a one-owner vehicle and with a clean title.


What might that title say? Ford Truck? World’s freakiest car carrier? Escapada de apocalipsis? Whatever you call it, or however you use it, there is no arguing that it is a unique and seemingly versatile vehicle. It all doesn’t look half-assed either.

So, with all that preamble you should now be fully prepped to make an intelligent vote on this crazy badass truck’s $30,000 price tag. If you consider it the Swiss Army Knife of needed capabilities then the choice shoud be obvious.


If however, you couldn’t see a point in any one of the truck’s functions in light of the compromises demanded of the overall effort, then it may be a little more difficult. What do you think, is this multi-tasker F-350 worth $30K? Or, are you just not prepared to pay that much?

You decide!


Seattle WA Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to Murphie for the hookup!

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