For $3,900, Mustang Sally Goes Nurse Diesel

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Nice Price Or No DiceIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Sporting a pair of Merlins, the twin fuselage XP-82 was one freaky Mustang. If that oddball plane rocks your clock, you might find today's equally incongruous Nice Price or Crack Pipe Ford Mustang twin turbo-diesel also a flight of fancy.

Not many of you fancied yesterday's formerly Civic-minded custom, but some of you defended its price as - while it wasn't your cup of Castrol - it did represent a tour de force of effort and potentially represented a good value for all had gone into it. Unfortunately, many couldn't get into what possible motivation its creator may have had, nor its Mustang tail lights, resulting in an 89.67% Crack pipe loss and calls to form a clutch fork wielding mob demanding retribution.


Today we're turning down the custom, and turning up the torque.

While not the first time a Mustang owner has looked at a big-honkin' diesel and thought, hey, that'll really smoke the competition, this is one you can actually buy. A project in process rather than a completed vision, you can finish it any which way you want, and this 6.2-litre Detroit Diesel powered '96 coupe has a lot of the spendy bits already in place. It does need a hood to keep prying eyes from seeing that it's compression ignition, and the seller also claims it could use a fuel cell, some wiring, bodywork and paint, etc, or as he says stupid things like that. Not needed is a BMW nose, nor a TV behind the grille, although out back, it does already come with Mustang tail lights, so your work is done there.

Looking past the to-do list to the things that have already been to-done, there's the aforementioned 6.2-litre monster of a GM diesel which is fed by a pair of turbos. It's also intercooled and sports massive 3" pipes for moving all that gas around. You'll find that there's plenty of room for all this as the Fox platform that underpins the '96 Mustang was designed from day-one to house a V8 engine without requiring Cirque du Soleil to change the plugs.

Horsepower? Sure, it probably has plenty, but where this engine should shine is in the torque department – which is right next to Ladies Intimates. Probably running cylinder compression in line with the surface pressure on Venus, this mill should shred tires with ease, and could potentially produce enough torque to give all the 6th grade boy's PE classes in America titty twisters they'll never forget.


Inside, there's your typical Mustang dual cowl dashboard and T-handle for the slushbox. I know that last item just soured the car for many of you, as apparently there's a strong Mennonite contingent here who shun things like zippers and automatic transmissions as being unnecessarily extravagant. You might want to reconsider that as while you may prefer to row your own like God intended, this engine's potentially near vertical torque curve will really make any gear changing a bit pointless. Other niceties inside are a slew of aftermarket gauges , although you don't get the monster tach – that's Willy's time.

Like I said, this isn't the first black smoke-farting ‘Stang, and while it's unknowable what this one will eventually do, there's another with a turbo Duramax 6.6 that does 10s in the quarter. That car's engine produces enough twisting power to lift its 800-lbs off the front axle on launch, and makes one salivate over this diesel's potential.


Realizing one's potential is a noble goal, and to do so here, you'll need to corral $3,900 to have this Mustang marble canning in your garage. The seller says he's open to trades, but wants barter to be closer to five grand so you'd be better off digging into the bank account. He does seem to jones over Cummings paraphernalia so, should someone have Cummings'd all over your lawn, you may have a bargaining chip. Otherwise, it's going to be cash and carry. Seeing that's the case, what's your take on this meaty Mustang? Will that price make it the torque of the town? Or, would paying $3,900 for it leave you twisting in the wind?

You decide!


remember the Maine Craigslist or go here if the ad disappears in a cloud of ropy black smoke. H/T to Tom (you know who you are) for the hookup!

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That's 6.2 GM Diesel, which is waaaay different than a Detroit Diesel.

[edit] Ooops, that's a DD design, so maybe I'm wrong.

What the hell, nice price. It's weird, the difficult fab work of actually making it, you know, fit is done. Getting it to start and run shouldn't be too hard.

I usually shun other people's projects but it's funky and the price isn't sky-high.