For $3,701, This Unique 1970s Parmley Jeep Could Be Your Next Conversation Starter

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Nice Price Or No DiceIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Jeep is said to be one of thirty special replacement bodies built in Southern California in the 1970s. The seller seems to think he’s got something special, but will his price prove him right?

Do you remember Judge Reinhold’s character on Seinfeld? He was the close talker who would invade your personal space making you awkwardly uncomfortable. The vote on yesterday’s 1972 VW Squareback was also uncomfortably close, but as of this writing it was so in the seller’s favor - a 52% Nice Price win - and as we say, a win is a win.

That VW was just one Square, while one of the things that people say is great about the Army is that you get three squares-breakfast, lunch, and dinner-pretty much every day. You also get to cruise around in all sorts of cool military vehicles when you’re in the Army, and one of those once was the military Jeep.


Civilians can get their Jeep on too. The CJ in CJ-5 or CJ-7 or CJ-whatever in fact standing for “Civilian Jeep.” Naming conventions don’t get much more literal than that.

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Today’s Parmley Jeep most likely once started life as a CJ-5, owing to its diminutive wheelbase and the evident engine choice. That’s claimed in the ad to be a Buick Dauntless 225-cid V6, for which Kaiser bought the rights in 1965. Here that 155-bhp V6 is said to be topped with a 4bbl carb and an Offenhauser intake manifold. The engine is claimed in the ad to run, but brake issues on the long dormant Parmley prevent the seller from offering driving impressions.

Of course, I’m getting a little ahead of myself. You are no doubt asking ‘Parmley Jeep?” What the hell is a “Parmley Jeep?”


What it is, it seems, is a one of thirty specials designed and built by a gentleman named Tom Parmley in Compton California back in the ‘70s. Parmley had rolled his CJ-5 and wanted a replacement body that was a bit more functional and styled with a bit more sass. He apparently also had the means to make his dreams become a reality.

The result was a series of double-wall, bolt-on fiberglass bodies that were offered for $1,000 from Parmley Engineering’s factory. A reputed 30 of the kits left that factory before, I guess, the money ran out.

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This is one of those, and it includes a tall, removable fiberglass top which is apparently a rare option on this already rare ride. It also comes with fabric doors and a back seat so it’s the perfect family ride, right?


The ad says that the special has sat in a Pole Barn for 35 years, and no that’s not a barn owned by an Eastern European imigrant. Considering the simplicity of a CJ-5’s mechanicals and ample parts availability, getting it to a running and driving state shouldn’t be too difficult for its new owner or the elves that live in his garage and only come out at night.

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In fact, it’ll probably be more of a hassle getting this Parmley Jeep titled and tagged as apparently the title has gone missing. Hmmm, what’s the statute of limitations on property theft? If it’s under 35 years you’re probably golden.

That’s not to say this Jeep is stolen, just that the missing title shouldn’t be a deal killer. The seller’s price may however. He’s looking for a ‘best offer’ and right now the best offer he has received is $3,700. That means that $3,701 might just take this trucklet home.


What’s your take on this rare and weird Jeep special, does $3,701 seem like a fair Price for this project? Or, is this a Pramley that’s just too pricy?

You decide!


Columbus Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to Craig Brisendine for the hookup!

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NP for the rarity that could really boost a small car collector’s stable, and what should be some simple mechanics. Even with a rotten chassis, you could just swap the fiberglass body and not worry too much (if at all) about “numbers matching”.


Having said all that, WTF is wrong with people that keep loosing titles?! You buy a car, you get a fresh title issued in your name. EVEN IF IT DOESNT RUN! I mean, look, I understand that paperwork gets lost. Even I once lost a title to one of my cars. But you know what I did? I just submitted a form for a replacement one. You know why I was able to do that? Because I transferred the title over to my name and had a fresh one issued in my name to begin with!

Buy this vehicle, restore it, and then loose it (and all my time and money) to the person who had it stolen from the Pup n’ Taco on San Fernando Road in ‘74? All covered up by the fact that yokels haven’t had the title for the past 30+ years when they bought and sold it? NO WAY!

No Title automatically means Total and utter crackpipe.