Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

The windshield of today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe VW carries the self-deprecating proclamation All Mixed Up. That's because this Ford-hooded, Brat-backed Beetle doesn't quite know what it wants to be. You surely will know what to make of its price, however.

For most of us, the discussion of yesterday's 2006 Hartge V10 E90 was akin to debating how one might maintain a long-term relationship with the actress Jennifer Lawrence. In other words, completely theoretical and mostly fanciful.

I'm sure that some of you could woo the pants off of J-Law, and likewise some of you could likely afford that Bimmer's price. Still, owing to its 81% Crack Pipe loss, you might want to reconsider the wisdom in doing so. Oh, and Jenny's still not returning your calls, sorry.

Not just owing to its Hillsborough NC location, today's oddly intriguing 1974 Super Beetle looks like the kind of clever ingenuity that's as southern as making moonshine and putting peanuts in your Pepsi.


The nose of this chimera is one of those fiberglass deals that approximates a pre-war Ford and practically doubles the luggage space underneath. In the middle it's your standard Super Beetle, which means a larger, more rounder windscreen and behind that a curvier and less severe dash.

It's out back however where things get weird. For whatever reason, at some point in time, this Beetle has had the entire bed of a first-generation Subaru Brat grafted onto it.


The result is a Vee-Dub-amino that's like nothing you've ever seen before - that is unless you've seen a Subaru Brat parked really, really close to an old VW and you squinted really hard. You know, like you were pooping?

The car (truck?) is all kinds of rough, with blue doors standing out from its yellow body, the paint on which is flaking in places. The bed offers the rear-facing jump seats made famous by the Brat, as well as a diamond plate box to house the 1600-cc dual-port VW engine as a foot rest.


That motor is said to have been blessed with a new fuel pump, coil, and an add-on oil cooler. It appears to run, however it also seems to be in need of some wiring work as the current setup seems to have been done by a preoccupied Helen Keller.

The rest of the interior is dirty like Kate's sister, while the bed in back seems to have been the trash repository of choice from last night's party. As a matter of fact, the general lackadaisical appearance in the pictures, plus the fact that many of them seem to have been shot through a window or chainlink fence, makes it seem like the car is actually being sold by a neighbor, unhappy with its appearance on the owner's property and planning to be rid of it while the real owner is out of town.


That's probably not really the case, as the ad notes that the car comes with a firm $3,000 price tag and the threat that if it isn't sold by spring that it'll get another paint job. Maybe plaid? If someone were wanting to save this amazing mashup-mobile from that fate, do you think they would be getting a deal at that $3,000? Or, does that firm price make you totally limp?

You decide!


Raleigh NC Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to JSmith53 for the hookup!

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