For $275,000, Tanks A Lot

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

In the Mr. Peabody's Improbable History shorts, the eponymous dog and his boy Sherman travelled back in time, resulting in hilarious conclusions. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Canadian Sherman can let you pretend to time travel all the way back to WWII, but will its price be a cold dash of present reality?

So today we have a tank. Yes, a tank. Here in the United States of Hysteria we're presently undergoing a debate - well, it's more of a bilateral hissy fit - over the Second Amendment which provides the right to house militia, and some would argue, own a mobile 75-mm M3 canon. It's in the Constitution!


That means this 1943 Sherman Medium Tank is not only a mechanized weapon of war, but is also a bold reminder of every American's fight against tyranny, and the usurping of our personal freedoms, whatever those may be.

Oh, and by the way, this tank is Canadian.

That's part of what makes this tank so interesting. Back in the early days of the war, the Canadian government determined that they needed Canadian-built tanks for Canadian-built soldiers to drive and licensed the platform of the American M3. Built by Montreal Locomotive Works, the M3 RAM was succeeded by the M4A1-based Grizzly, of which this is an example.

Only 188 Grizzly's had been produced when the US let their neighbors to the North know, we got this, and the Canadians started using US-built Sherms just like everybody else on the good guys' side.


That makes this one rare doggy, and as such, it's a good thing it's in such excellent condition. The ad notes that a new Connie R-975 was installed eight years ago providing the tank with top notch performance- i.e. a top speed of around 25 mph. What the hell is an R-975? I'm glad you asked. The engine in this tank - as was the case of all the Grizzlies when they rolled out of the factory - is based on the Wright Whirlwind, a 16-litre 9-cylinder air-cooled radial.


That was licensed by Continental for use in the tanks where a fan and shroud replaced a propeller and slipstream for cooling. In this usage the engine makes a cool 400 horsepower.


You may not equate a Sherman tank with a Lamborghini exotic but there are notable similarities. Both maintain mid-mounted engines with a whole bunch of pots, and each runs its power through a transmission in front of the engine. In the case of the tank, that's way in front, inline with the forward drive sprocket. Where this Grizzly and the Lambos diverge however is in armament, the tank sporting a 75-mm medium velocity gun, capable of delivering a 15-lb round at over 2,050 ft/s. The Italian super car, on the other hand, has none.

The Tank also seats one more than any of the big 12 Bull branded cars, and has much better off-roadability. Creature comforts are sparse, there being no A/C, heat, radio, cup holders, sound insulation, or ergonomically correct seating offered. There isn't even a traditional steering wheel to be had, directional changes being effected by a set of levers, which is probably makes it as balls deep amazing to drive as you would imagine.


Possessing a tank is like owning a full grown Great Dane, people tend to treat you differently on the street, and there is a very strong likelihood that you will not be fucked with, no matter where you go. There's also the whole right to bear arms or arm bears or whatever to be considered, and if you happen to revel in being a gun nut then rolling in this would make you look like a freaking Planters factory.


Of course, stepping into such a piece of armament - you know, for hunting and home protection - would take some planning, after all those treads can wreak havoc on the streets and it's doubtful your driveway could support its 30 ton weight.

And then there's the matter of its $275,000 price tag. Now, I know very few of you here are experts on WWII weaponry valuation, but we've had like Jeeps and stuff on NPOCP before, so it shouldn't be too much of a leap. What do you think of that $275,000 price tag for so rare a Canadian tank in such good shape? Is that price good enough for you to be in the tank for this Grizzly? Or, is just that too much buck for the bang?


You decide!

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