Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

The seller of today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe custom Chrysler 300 Coupe claims it was built for MLB Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn. It's up to you to determine if its combination of unique style and price hits it out of the park.

The French hate baseball. It's not so much zee hitting with zee sticks and zee running. No, it is zee food — how you say it — zee hot-dog, pret-zels with jaune moutarde, light beer! Mon dieu! The French used to build their cars like they craft their food, and yesterday's 1954 Citroën 15-CV H proved itself quite a tasty treat. Its price however, did not, and the classic Traction Avant front wheel-drove itself to a 63% Crack Pipe loss.

San Diego baseball legend Tony Gwynn probably likes French food - I mean, who doesn't - but he certainly does like cars, and this year has seen both his restored ‘64 Caddy Fleetwood and today's custom two-door Chrysler 300C go up for grabs. Perhaps his 2007 Hall of Fame induction did not engender the kind of monetary gain one might expect.


Gwynn averaged .309, and played his entire 20-year career for the San Diego Padres, making him one of baseball's most consistent players, if not one of its heaviest of hitters. Another consistency has been the fact that Chrysler's gangster-styled 300C only comes in a four-door. Today's car breaks that chain by being a custom two-door, and featuring a roof so low that, were it a bending-over plumber, you'd see daylight through its ass crack.

Owing to the fact that there are fewer of them, the portals the cake is a lie! on two door cars are typically elongated to add back some of ease of egress, but that's not the case here. The doors look like the same shorties that are on the sedan, easing the transition, but forcing an awkward stance alleviated somewhat by the chopped roof. Of course that lowered roof makes the inside look like Being John Malkovich's 7 ½ floor. It's all done up in two-tone back and biscuit, and its stock save for the shortened upper half, and requisite new headliner which exhibits some fit and finish issues.


Mechanically, it appears to be mostly stock with its 5.7-litre, 340-horse hemi V8 untouched under the hood, backed up by the expected 5-speed automatic transmission. The Mercedes-derived chassis has been lowered, and its wheel wells filled with massive chrome Asantis, while there's also an Asanti badge on the boot lid, in between the Allways Plus Chrysler wings. Over all, the car is pretty heavy with the bling, rocking a chrome mesh grille and additional side vents on top of the standard belt line and bumper-topping bright work, all set off against the neon blue paint. And if all that isn't loud enough, the seller says the car also comes with a custom stereo.

Mileage on this custom Hall of Famer's Chrysler is but a mere 7,000, indicating that either the 5' 11' Gwynn couldn't fit in it, or that he enjoyed looking at it more than driving it. Either way, it's now available for a new driver to fill up its odo. The dealership offering the 300 has set a price of $27,950 for what they are describing as a one-of-a-kind custom. Add to that the baseball celeb connection and that might just make it worth it.


Or maybe not.

But then that's for you to say, and say it you shall- what do you think of $27,950 for Tony Gwynn's custom two-door 300C? Should that price make selling it a walk in the park? Or, do you think this dealer will be going into extra innings in trying to move the car?

You decide!


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