For $24,950, Little Red Corvette

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

So, do you like the new 2014 Corvette Stingray? Or, do you miss round tail lights and the rest of the marque's classic lexicon? Well, if you do, today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe '68 drop top should push all the right buttons, even if its price is Mako break it.

Consider for a moment yesterday's Rambler wagon - red, 1968 model year, classic proportions. Now have a look at today's candidate - also red, a '68, and one simply does not get much more classic than a chrome bumper C3.


The similarities between the two are striking, and one could imagine having the pair in your driveway making you purr like a kitty. That is of course if the ‘Vette manages to get anywhere close to the Rambler's 83% Nice Price win. Let's see how it does.

The '68 Corvette was based on the Larry Shinoda designed '65 Mako Shark II concept car. Despite that precedent, the new ‘Vette dropped jaws upon its debut — as should any new edition of America's Sports Car, I'm just sayin' - and immediately became the astronaut's earth-bound ride of choice.


“Here's an interesting aside about Shinoda — and evidence of his unique sense of humor. In 1968 he left GM to go work for Ford, where he created the BOSS 302. Before that however, at his farewell luncheon, he legendarily passed out fortune cookies to all in attendance, each of which carried the same message — a simple and heartfelt fuck you.”

But back to the ‘Vette. This 1968 Stingray convertible hails from the first year of C3 production, and that means the last year of the 350-bhp 327. This is claimed to be a numbers matching car with its original L79 and Muncie M-21 four speed.


That engine compartment could use some TLC as aftermarket creep seems to have taken hold there, and it's doubtful that the claim of matching numbers extends to the intake manifold so there's that to be taken into consideration. Still, it gives off a strong Brah! vibe underhood with the singular exception of a tiny and emasculate air cleaner.


The rest of the car — with 10-year old paint, a great interior, and what looks to be a perfectly serviceable top — is like a time machine from the psychedelic era. One might imagine a bohunk driving it to pick up Marlo Thomas for a date on That Girl (ask your grandpa), or a chuberic Fred Savage drooling over it while his dad buys the family a dorkmobile on The Wonder Years.


Prices for the C7 Corvette have not yet been set, but you can bet that all those vents and funny tail lights will cost a pretty penny. Should that final hit to the bank account be more than the value of both your kidneys and your left nut - or if you like your Corvettes to look a little more like, oh say, a Corvette - then perhaps this Sting Ray would be more your cup of high test.

With an asking price of $24,950, this drop top ‘Vette ain't cheap. Compared to a new one however, it'll probably look like a bargain. We're here to determine whether that $24,950 is an accurate reflection of this particular Corvette's worth, or, perhaps, like the C7, it's a little off. What do you think- a ‘68 Corvette convertible for $24,950? Or, pass the pipe?


You decide!


Richmond Craigslist or go here if the ad disappears.

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