For $24,000, That’s A Lot Of Bull

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In Spanish Espada means sword, a reference to the weapon with which bullfighters deliver the coup de grâce to their bovine opponents. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe 400GT is a graceful coupe, but does its price make you think its seller is full of bull?


In movies the second act is usually the dullest, the calm before the storm of the third act finale, allowing the audience to catch its breath following an action-packed set up. BMW chose to follow that convention with the first three editions of their small car following the introduction of the Neue Klasse. That line's 2002, especially in Tii form, made a name for the company here in the U.S.. The later E30 edition exploded the company's small executive ride in both engine and body style choice, and has become one of the most coveted models in the company's history. In between those, the E21 proved a second act of limited character development and action. Despite its adherence to cinematic convention, yesterday's grey market 323i E21 proved its mettle, earning a solid 70% Nice Price win.

Brown and 1970s cars go together like Metta World Peace and elbows to the face, and while today's Lamborghini Espada 400GT's origins are the psychadelic sixties, its flat and angular style is far more befitting the earth-toned seventies, and hence it looks right at home dressed in dirt.

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The seller, or at least someone with access to the car, is apparently a Redditor, as evidenced by the hood doodle in the main pic. That being noted, driving this Lambo would mean you would not have to be forever alone as the Espada is a full four-seater. As a ‘72, this one could be either a series 2 or 3, depending on its month of construction, Regardless it sports the later interior updates and potentially power steering for those unafraid of the car's 350-bhp and 6.5-second zero to sixty time, but scared at the aspect of parallel parking it.

That interior is an equally seventies-looking hue of baby shit green. And while it's claimed to be complete and unmarred it would - in combination with the brown exterior - feel like riding around in a flipped over Dydee Diaper truck. Still, V12 Lamborghini.

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That V12 in fact is Lamborghini's Giotto Bizzarrini-designed 4-litre all-alloy beast. Each of the twelve cylinders gets its own carburetor throat, made possible by a sextet of Weber 40 DCOEs and I can tell you from personal experience that when given the spurs the engine sounds like a bacchanalia of lions. Thankfully backing that up here is a proper stickshift rather than a Torqueflite, which was an available option at the time.

The rest of the car looks serviceable although that root beer paint is rough. The seller says there's no dents nor rust and the Marchesi-sourced pressed-steel platform is known to be pretty robust. Both the chrome trim and Campagnolo wheels seem intact and in good shape, expensive options if they weren't. And, with only 32,000 miles under its unbelievably low belt-line, the stuff underneath all that might still be in equally serviceable condition.

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Owning any Italian car is equitable to spinning plates - with food on them - it's a lot of work. For the ownership of a finicky 40-year old exotic Italian add to that the spinning plates being your mother-in-law's, and the food being live, angry octopus. Still, with that in mind, how many of you are sitting there right now fluttering your butt puckers over the thought of a driveable V12 Lambo for the cost of moderately loaded Ford Focus?


For those of you not so occupied, let's give that $24,000 price tag some serious consideration. What do you think, is that a decent price to grab the Bull by the horns? Or, is that too much spinach for this Espada?

You decide!


New York Craigslist or go here if the ad disappears.

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The conversation in my head is going something like this:

Left brain - Psh it's a Lambo therefore it will crush our wallet.

Right brain - Dude.. Lambo.

Left - Yes, we can afford $29k for the car, but it will cost a small mint to get it running again.

Right - Dude.. Laaammmmbooorrrghini.

Left - Bro, seriously. Think about it. OK, we get it going and on the road for, what, 40k? We can do that. Then, what, $10k a year in maintenance?


Left - Our wife will murder us!

Right - Lambo's can get us a new wife.

Left - You know she'll get it in the divorce and promptly drive it in to a tree.

Right - Lambo? (sad eyes)