For $22,000, It’s Stroseks Or No Sex

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Porsche's 928, while a timeless design, had a really big ass. The German tuner Strosek must have thought that too much is never enough, and today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Ultra III sports and even wider rear end. Will its price prove an equally continental divide?

The 928 is a front-engine, rear-drive V8-powered coupe with sporting pretensions, which is exactly what yesterday's Triumph-based Fiberfab Jamaican was. Well, more was than is, as it's currently riding with its nose in the air like a snooty dowager while it waits for the return of its eight. That, plus its kind of ratty condition proved too much for its two grand asking, and the Jamaican went down in a 55% Crack Pipe loss.


Vittorio Strosek founded Strosek Driving Design in 1982, a year after today's Porsche 928S4 (more on that designation later) was built. Eight years later, the tuner and the car met - by way of a factory-authorized Florida shop. Strosek today is still going strong, wild thinging out cars from not just Porsche but Lamborghini, Nissan and Volkswagen. Where the company really gained notoriety however, was with a series of aerodynamic and suspension upgrades to the already over achieving 928.

The seller claims this silver bullet to be one of only 25 Strosek'd cars here in the U.S., and given its Strosek-added elements it's hard to understand why that is. After all, who doesn't like rear wings big enough to land an actual plane on? And who doesn't think the 928's rear track is too narrow? Those pieces, plus a revised nose cap, NACA ducts in the hood and a second, hatch-mounted aero-aid mark this as an Ultra III package. . . I think. It's hard to say as each and every Strosek 928 is unique and some offer beady projector lights in place of the 928's planarian-esque pop-ups. They also sometimes come with batwing doors, but this one seems to have dodged that douchifying bullet.


Other aspects of this 928, not too Strosek-ie for its shirt are its manual 5-speed transmission, apparently decent interior, and 32-valve V8 out of an ‘85 S4 (see, I told you we'd get around to that) that make this a desirable edition separate from its tuner mods. The Porsche 928 having been positioned for touring at its most grand, finding one with a row your own is like having an accidental shart attack while wearing black jeans instead of khakis, it's reason to celebrate your luck. The big motor too - all 5.0-litre and 288-bhp - should make the go match the show.


But it's still the show that makes this Strosek-touched Porsche of interest. After all, 928s are pretty common, and come in all sorts of roadability from trailer queens to trailer park, and for the uninitiated, it's hard to tell the difference. This one however, is unique. The bodywork is outlandish and will turn heads like the Exorcist. The drivetrain should kick ass and the swank leather interior should make you feel like you won the megalotto.


And all that could be had for $22,000.

Let's re-cap; It's a frickin' Porsche 928, one of 25 stateside; it has more ass than Keeping up with the Kardashians; is a stick shift so it's damn-near theft-proof; and has enough wings to be a Chinese phone book; it's $22,000.


What do you think, does twenty two grand for this Strosek-ified 928 hit the Deutch Mark? Or, does that make it looney tunered?

You decide!


City of Brotherly Love Craigslist or go here if the ad disappears.

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