For $21,700, Could This 2009 BMW M6 Cabriolet Be A Perfect Ten?

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

The 2nd generation M6 brought back a hallowed name, but not its predecessor’s worshiped styling. Let’s see if the ten cylinder engine and price of today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe E64’s makes it look sufficiently appealing.

Did you ever find some money under the couch that you had forgotten went missing? Bonus day, right? Last Friday’s 2005 Saab 9-7x elicited a similar response from a number of you, as many had forgotten that such a vehicle ever even existed.


Its price proved just as pleasant surprise for most, earning the rare but pretty much universally serviceable Sport Ute a respectable 71% Nice Price win. Good on ya’ Saab-rolet!

At over one billion dollars in global box office, Disney’s Finding Dory is the year’s largest grossing film so far. It will probably end the year as such even with a new Star Wars movie opening this week—also from the House of Mouse—as there’s not enough of 2016 left for Vader and company to catch up.

What’s interesting about the fish movie’s numbers is that it bucks the trend of poor performance for years in the waiting sequels. Last year’s Mad Max maelstrom also served as a reminder that time is often not a factor when quality is offered, however this year’s Independence Day retread, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, and the wholly unnecessary Bad Santa revisit proved that often time wounds all heels.


There was 13 years between Finding Nemo and Finding Dory, three years less than the wait for a new M6 following the demise of its first iteration. Here we have a drop-top example from that sequel, a 2009 M6 Cabriolet, and we’ll have to decide if it’s worth paying full admission.


The 2005 to 2010 M6 was based on the E64 6-series platform, which was introduced in ’03, and shared a lot of the parts in its underpants with the M60 5-series. The M6 shared its S85 V10 and SMG III gearbox with that four-door’s M edition.

The S85 is an uneven firing 90° V10 that features double VANOS cam actuation, 10 independent throttle bodies, and a maximum output of 507-bhp and 385 lb-ft of torque. Dry weight of the all-aluminum mill is 530-pounds in case you ever wanted to pick one up and give it a hug.


Backing that up is a seven-speed SMG with paddle shifters for all you itchy trigger fingers out there, or regular auto action if you’re not the DIY sort.


This 2009 edition rocks a little over 111,000 miles and a convertible top. Now, if you’re a fan of the Mercury (and, for a while Lincoln) Breezeway cars you’ll get a chub over this car’s back window. Its glass is completely vertical, and can be dropped with the top up or down. The demerits of the design are that rearward visibility is minimal through the mail slot-like opening, and to be honest, the E64’s design was not BMW’s finest moment.

This one does look better with the top down. The Monaco Blue metallic paint looks to be in very serviceable shape, and the factory double spokes seem likewise unmarred. The only issues outside in fact, seem to be the OCD-flaring jog in the side striped between the hood and front valance, and the weird portholes resting mid-hood. I don’t know what’s up with that.


Inside there’s white leather pretty much everywhere, and seats that seem to be in good shape, even if the front two are reminiscent of this guy. The E64’s interior styling was not as funky as that of its exterior, but it’s style is still pretty flamboyant for a German car.


The ad describes the car as being in excellent condition, with a recent significant service that included valve cover gaskets, an alternator, SMG pump and a bunch of tubes. It’s hard to tell from the bay pic as BMW chose to hide the S82 under some big plastic batman wing intakes. Also, it should be noted that these engines do require attention from time to time—very expensive attention typically.


The seller says he’s putting the car on the market because he has a newborn baby and is probably afraid of the kid attempting to take the 500-horse car out when his parents are not at home. I know the temptation would be strong, and not even being able to see boobies on the daily —as is the case with most babies—would distract from the lure of an M-series. His asking price is $21,700, and I think it’s helpful to note that these went for over one-hundred grand when new, just seven years ago.

What’s your take on this M6 and that $21,700 price? Does that make you go Mmmmmm? Or, is this just a V10 troublemaker in the making?


You decide!


Los Angeles Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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