For $21,500, Could This Custom 1970 GMC Jimmy Your Locks?

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Jimmy has long been a nickname for GMC trucks. Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe K5 Jimmy could earn the additional endearment “sweet” owing to its condition. That is, if its price doesn’t have you calling its seller all kinds of dirty names.

The French invented such noteworthy automotive technologies as the steering wheel, pneumatic tires, and the V8 engine. Hell, the first documented automobile, Cugnot’s fardier à vapeur was even built there.


You’d think then that France would today be the world’s leader in automobile design and sales owing to its rich vehicular past. Sadly, you would be wrong. Also wrong apparently was the seller of yesterday’s very French 1980 Renault Alpine A310 with its Fleismann-modded body as his pricing acumen failed to entice and fell in an 85% Crack Pipe loss. Nasty seats go a long way towards tainting the desirability of a car, it seems.

Today’s 1970 GMC Jimmy 4X2 looks to have seats you wouldn’t mind introducing to your ass, and in fact the whole interior seems to be a pretty nice place to spend some quality time. That’s because it’s been re-habbed and looks to be clean as a bean. Those seats are out of a GMC Sierra from this century, however the ad notes that a set of original buckets comes with the truck too. Woot!

On the outside, there’s some pretty nice medium blue paint. Upon further reflection, that’s on the inside too as this truck hails from an era when the boundaries between outside and inside were somewhat amorphous.


There’s no hardtop here, but you get two soft top options, a black one for more formal occasions and a grey one for casual events like your exe’s wedding reception. Handsome Rallye wheels fill the arches, and keep in mind that this is a 2-wheel drive edition, a model that was added to the Jimmy lineup this model year. Interestingly, the nose on the truck is from a ’68. At the other end, the body-painted bumper looks a little tweaked.


Headlining the mechanical bonafides is a SBC crate motor with a 4BBL and some snaky headers. Its appearance is neither too ostentatious nor excessively plain jane, seeming mama bear middle of the road which is nice. An automatic of undisclosed gear count backs that up, while a 3:73 Posi rearend keeps the tires in line. There’s power steering and power brakes as nods to civility, but no A/C for you sweaty Betty.


The ad for the truck is a little odd as the seller says that he is working on the truck daily and notes “items and appearance may change slightly as he gets things done to it.” Dude, just let it go!

Maybe it’s the price he’s set that’s giving him all this time to still work on it. That’s $21,500, and the ad in which it’s offered has been hanging around for more than two-weeks. Phew, I’d say it’s pretty ripe after that length of time.


Let’s see if we can help him out. What’s your take on this nicely modded Jimmy and that $21,500 asking? Is that a deal for so street a classic GMC? Or, at that price do you think the seller’s just going to have plenty of time to keep on modding?


You decide!


Maine Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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