For $2,000, Is This Allanté A Hot Commodity?

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Nice Price Or No DiceIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Cadillac’s Allanté is famous for having the world’s longest production line, figuratively stretching from Italy to Detroit. Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Caddy needs some work, but will that make its price a stretch as well?

When it came to yesterday’s mildly custom 1991 Acura NSX the only line of consequence was its bottom line, which 57% of you awarded a Nice Price win. The only other line might be the one out the door of people wanting to drive that red rocket.


Okay, admission time. Have you ever bought something that was advertised as “some assembly required?” Have you possibly ever dated a rebel, with the expectation that you could change their less socially redeeming qualities?” Lastly, have you ever bought something at a bargain price, offered as such because it possessed what you viewed as inconsequential or rectifiable flaws?

If you answered yes to all three of those questions, you are hopeless romantic who is also a cheapskate, and that’s a tough combo my friend. Still, these probably the very traits that the seller of today’s 1993 Cadillac Allanté is seeking in a buyer.

Here’s something that’s quite remarkable, today’s Allanté is two years newer than yesterday’s Acura, and yet it seems so much more a thing tied to the past while the NSX still feels vital and contemporary. Here’s something else that might just set your brain to twerking- the ’93 Allante, with its last model year Northstar V8 provided 25-more horses than the NSX, 295 to the Acura’s factory 270.

That infusion of Northstariness dropped the Allanté’s zero to sixty time from a leisurely nine seconds to a more heart pumping 6.3. That’s a second off the Acura but still not bad considering the Cadillac weighs in at nearly a ton more.


As typically the case with GM, once they finally got the Allanté right with the ’93 model, they up an cancelled it. Nope, can’t have that! Other changes that year included making the aluminum hardtop and digital dash optional extras, the removal of the fixed vent wings on the doors, and a new rear suspension that brought handling competence up a notch.

Even with the revised springy bits there was never any illusion that the Allanté would run with the likes of the NSX, but it was at the time the best handling car Cadillac had ever produced.

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Today’s candidate will probably let you sample that sweet Caddy handling, for a short while at least. That's because the ad - while claiming that the car "runs and drives great" - also notes that it overheats like a nympho at an orgy. Other problems include door glass that doesn't want to move and the fact that, much like the global economy, the car hasn't been doing anything the past five years.


Still, it looks good, at least on the outside where the metallic run, forest, run paint seems to still hold a shine. The top and interior are mysteries, as no pictures or description are provided for either.

The windows are a pain in the neck to fix, but probably not all that hard, as where the source of the Northstar's menopausal problem may be harder - and much more expensive - a gremlin to locate and make right.


But that's why this Allanté is only $2,000. These remain iconic and interesting cars, and you are unlikely to find a good one for anywhere near so low a price that doesn't have an ex-husband in the trunk and a seller stipulating that you need to drop her off at the airport post-purchase.

The question for you is whether this two-seat Caddy's 99 problems include its price being one. What do you think, is this hobbled Allanté worth a two-grand gamble? Or, does that price for this overheating car leave you cold?


You decide!


Dallas Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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What do you want for 2 grand? Anything in that price range that runs at all is NP.