For $18,500, Is This The Best Westy In The Uni-Verse?

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe contender is to Unimogs what Frida Kahlo was to unibrows, crazy and over the top. You just need to decide if its price is too.

While Daft Punk might want you to get lucky, 57% of you felt spending the better part of ten grand for an old Alfa wasn't the way to do it. The luck might have run out for yesterday's numerically enhanced 1991 Alfa 168 Quadrifoglio Verde, but I think any running Alfa of a certain age is still pretty fortunate.


Is the Mercedes Benz Unimog the most macho vehicle you could realistically drive on the street? They certainly seem like they are the most capable off the beaten path, and of course if you were looking to get away from it all - perhaps to introspectively examine your own manliness or womanliness if that's how you zip up your pants - then this crazy custom 1965 Uni-VW might just be your camper of choice.

The Unimog derives its name from UNIversal-MOtor-Gerät and was first developed just after WWII as a farm implement that was just sufficiently more civilized than a tractor so that after a day dragging combines around the fields, farmers could use them to drive them into town to meet girls.


This 404 comes from much after that, and has accommodations for what might come after meeting said girls. Hooked onto the back of it is a fully externally caged ⅔ of a VW Vanagon Westy. There's the pop top sleeper, commodious cabinetry, and a fold out table for card games. It's closed off from the cab and requires perhaps a running start to jump up and enter, but freakishly it does look sort of like it was meant to go there.

The rest of the Mog is straight out of an Ah-nold Schwarzenegger wet dream. The Cab is a two-seater with a soft top and the truck rides on tires that the ad describes as 'slightly oversized.' Power comes from a Benz straight six and there are additionally six cogs in the gearbox with which to play.


You also get a Hella-lot of lights, the biggest PTO winch you've eve seen, and enough ground clearance to hang a set of Trucknuts that you could see from space. To help get you off-off the grid there are twin 33 gallon gas tanks and the truck rocks a marginal 34,000 Km on the clock so it should be good to get you there and back.


This Unimog is a total odd bodkin of a truck, and while it does have California plates and is claimed by the seller to be highway legal - albeit with a top end around 60 - this is likely to be quite the acquired taste.


If you think it's pretty tasty, then you might want to consider this Uni's $18,500 price tag. Actually, since that's what we're here for, I'd appreciate it if you did more than just consider, but voted on it as well. What do you think about $18,500 for this World War Z survival camper, is that a fair price? Or, is this Unimog priced to keep it off of the road?

You decide!


San Diego Craigslist (via West County Explorers Club via Bring a Trailer), or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to AnythingWithWheels for the hookup!

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