Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

The seller of today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe MR2 says it’s in showroom condition. That may be the case, and the pics support the claim, but will its price have us showing him and it the door?

Quick, when you think V-Twin what motorcycle comes to mind? I’ll bet most of you are envisioning a Harley right now. A few stalwart souls may instead may have visions of a Moto Guzzi dancing in your head. For the 64-percent of you that voted it a Nice Price win however, I’ll bet you were thinking about yesterday’s 1982 Honda CX500TC as not only did it rock an 80° V-Twin, but it fed that mill through a IHI turbo making both modest power and Super Siren Whistle Ring noises where ever it goes.


How’s your obsessive compulsive disorder? Are you finding it flaring up, demanding that you count the steps between bedroom and bath? If so then you are certain to appreciate the cleanliness and focus on detail that has been applied to today’s 1993 Toyota MR2 T-topped Turbo. Yep, another turbo. That’s two in a row which again will set off those with OCD who are sensing a pattern. Yeah, I remember last week’s louver addiction.

Unlike yesterday’s Honda bike—the ad for which was almost entirely bereft of expository copy—the ad for today’s MR2 comes with almost a complete history and a travelog to boot. You can’t complain that the present seller is shirking his advertorial duties.


But enough about the ad, what about the car? Well, it looks clean as a bean and comes with 95,000 on the chassis, and 75K on the JDM-sourced 3SGTE turbo four. That was apparently installed in the car by the car’s previous owner. Here’s a little more about his work on the car from the ad:

Over the following years he handed the car over to ATS tuning in DFW where they would install a 2nd gen 3SGTE clip along with ATS cam gears, Walbro fuel pump, Clutch Masters Clutch, aluminum flywheel, ATS side mount intercooler, ATS 3" down pipe, CT20B turbo, ROM tune and MBC. ATS put the car on the dyno and it made 271 RWHP and 260 TQ at 17 PSI. I have all the documentation totaling near 9,000 in receipts from ATS that will come with the car. Additionally he had all 4 lower ball joints replaced with OEM parts, adjustable endlinks, new bushings, TRD front sway bar and brand new OEM struts.


That all took place in 2009, while the current owner has had the car since 2012. He says he’s selling it now to make room/money for a Ford GT350.


He describes the exterior of the car as an 8.5/10, noting some scratches and chips but claiming the paint to be in amazing condition for a 24-year old car. Gold Rota wheels underpin and look pretty sweet on the car, perhaps sweet enough to offset the fart can exhaust that’s douching up its ass. And yes I know it’s part of a fancy-pants exhaust. More about that later.

The interior is a 9.5/10 according to the seller who again goes to lengths to document the minor wear and tear it evidences in his photobucket dump. Good on him. Everything works in there and the MR2 interior remains one of Toyota’s best. Mechanically, the seller ranks it at 9/10 owing to the development of a mysterious CEL that strangely throws no codes when checked.


Other negatives? Well, there’s that fart can, but I’m pretty much over that. Then there’s the fact that the JDM mill is rolling dirty seeing as the cat has been stripped from the exhaust system. That means smogging, or even registering the car in any number of states is going to be a Bozo No-No.


Aside from those issues, the car seems to be an amazing MR2 and who doesn’t love those? We’ll see if you love this one’s price, which is a “firm” $11,500. That gets you the car, the history, and apparently a binder full of women receipts.


What’s your take on this seemingly obsessively documented MR2 and that $11,500 price? Does that feel like a deal to get your Mister on? Or, is this car too far down one owner’s vision quest to command so much?

You decide!


Houston, TX Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to z4m for the hookup!

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