Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Maxima comes from before Nissan started calling them the ‘Four Door Sports Car.’ That doesn’t mean this creampuff doesn’t have appeal, but at its asking price would you recommend peeling off the Benjamins?

If you were looking for a real four door sports car you could hardly do better than a BMW M5. And, with a solid 58% Nice Price win, yesterday’s 1991 BMW M5 proved to be one that you wouldn’t feel bad about dropping your hard-earned on either.

That M5 was one of the last (to date) straight-six powered M5s that BMW has deemed all of us worthy of. It offered pretty much everything you’d expect, and little or no that you would find either extraneous or excessive.

What it didn’t have however, was button tufted seats!

This 1987 Nissan Maxima has button tufted seats. It also has a 157-bhp VG30E V6 under its hood, and a four-speed automatic as who wants to be bothered with a stick when you’re marveling over all those ass-cosseting buttons?


The second generation Maxima was introduced in 1985 and was the first FWD edition of Nissan’s range-topping sedan. That drivetrain form factor has been carried through to the current generation. This model however, was the last to showcase the boxy and straightforward styling that had been the hallmark of the Maxima and its 810 progenitor since 1980.

The following model would be contrastingly more slippery—almost cat turdishly so— and would gain the added sobriquet 4DSC (Four Door Sports Car.) As nice as that model was, it really wasn’t all that much of a sports car. It did have four doors, however!


So does this one, and they all look to be attached as they should be. There’s also a trunk and a hood, and both of those also seemed to be where you would expect them to be. The merlot-hued paint still holds a shine, a noteworthy fact as ‘80s Japanese cars tended to oxidize at an alarming rate, which I think had something to do with the fish scale composition in their paint. There is some flaking on the top of the front bumper on this one, but then that seems pretty minor considering the car’s age

The interior seems to be a survivor too, and I don’t know about you but I all kinds of want to curl up in one of those comfy-looking cloth seats and have a nap. Everything inside here is square which hopefully it’s still hip to be. I don’t know about that though, Huey Lewis hasn’t been around for a long while to confirm if that’s still so.


Mechanically, this 150,000 mile, 2-owner Maxima comes with new brakes, radiator, catalytic converter, and battery so it’s got all that going for it. The ad also notes the inclusion of a full-sized spare which is yet another nifty blast from the past this car offers.

Let’s now consider what you might offer for this nicely maintained Maxima. The asking price is a nominal $1,850 and the seller says that it’s on the market because its current user, his son, is moving away. Would you pay $1,850 to get Maximized? Or, does that seem like too much nut for this Nissan?


You decide!

Kansas City Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to Drtimeywimey for the hookup!

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