Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

Originally called the Carryall, Chevy's Suburban has been a part of the brand's catalog since the thirties. Today's Nice Nice Price or Crack Pipe ‘68 three-door represents the marque's seventh generation, but while its name is long serving does its price come up short?

In a follow up to yesterday's Checker Wagon post I asked what would be more canapes full of awesome - that massive Checker longroof, or a similarly sized and function Chevy Suburban? Most thought the Checker, and in fact its 64% Nice Price win bore out its attraction, even at that ten-five price.


But what if the Suburban were priced at a bit more than a tenth of yesterday's Checker? And further, what if it sported not just a coolio 327 mill but a 4-speed gearbox and one pedal more than your banana saddle Schwinn?


This 1968 Chevy Suburban is the three door model - much like an early minivan it has two on the curb-side and one on the street. The later models only came with four.

It also comes with a quad-tone paint scheme - white over orange over black over rust. Yes, the rockers and wheel arches look a little the truck's been on the Meth for a few months but it doesn't look too serious and after all these are body on frame so it would probably run just fine even looking like it was besties with the Miami overpass luncher.


The ad is pretty descriptive and the seller seems tnot to sugar coat the Sub's condition. It's a 4X4 and as noted has a stick behind the 4BBL-topped 327. According to the ad it runs thanks to a new fuel pump and comes with current Washington State tags. Inside it looks like it's sporting a pretty heavy patina of use - the large glove box door evidencing years worth of incompletely removed stickers and a blanket that looks like it may have at one time given small pox to a Native American. The pic of the odometer shows 30,205 and as it's a five digit plus tenths odo there's no easy way to tell just how many trips round the horn this one has made. Judging by the overall appearance, I'm guessing you could add a one to that and be safe.

On the outside it is claimed to need new tires and while you're at it you might as well bead blast and paint those wheels as they look pretty scuzzy. The rest of the truck - above the rocker trim that is - seems alright although in desperate need of a good wash. Doesn't anyone prep their cars before putting them on Craigslist anymore? Or at least notice the WASH ME and penises invariably drawn in the dirt on their windows?


Oh well, all the more reason for this Suburban to find a new suburban home somewhere in suburbia. Perferrably one with POR on tap. To do so will mean coming up with some cash as the ad isn't located in the freebies section of Craigslist, although at $1,800 you probably won't have to look farther than behind the sofa cushions and your swear jar.

Should the rust and general flannel shirtiness of this Suburban not be too off-putting, what do you think of that price? Is $1,800 a fair deal to live the Suburban dream? Or, does that price make you a fool for the city?

You decide!


Spokane Craigslist or go here if the ad disappears.

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