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For $1,750, This Custom Buggy Is Ready For The Dunes

Illustration for article titled For $1,750, This Custom Buggy Is Ready For The Dunes
Nice Price Or No DiceIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

They say that residents of Texas' capital should keep Austin weird. It doesn't get much weirder than today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe dune buggy, but is it priced to ensure it will be kept by its current Austin owner?


Like the sirens' song leading sailors to their doom (or maybe siren sex, it's hard to tell with all the singing), yesterday's amazingly rare 2003 VW Passat W8 AWD wagon with a stickity shift called out to you. Despite a reputation for fragility and wallet-draining repair costs, that legendary beast walked off with an equally mythic 78% Nice Price win.


Yesterday's candidate hailed from the days when Volkswagen wanted to run with the big dogs, offering luxurious and complex products that would be appreciated by the monied and class conscious. In total contrast, today's ad is for a VW-powered car that's about as basic and unpretentious as you could possibly find.

Illustration for article titled For $1,750, This Custom Buggy Is Ready For The Dunes

You know, they like to say that everything is bigger in Texas. The longhorns are hornier, the wackadoodles are wackadoodlier, and obviously when it comes to dune buggies, Texas is going to have the dune buggiest, right?

Well, check out this home-brew buggy from Austin, and tell me whether this KISS (keep it simple stupid) buggy doesn't look like it'd be a Texas-sized amount of fun to drive.

Illustration for article titled For $1,750, This Custom Buggy Is Ready For The Dunes

The ad claims that the mesh-undergarmented two-seater comes with a 1600 dual-port, an engine that runs 'like a top.' The battery, coil and dizzy are new, and the whole thing comes dressed in a patina that only comes from a constitutionally-guaranteed exercise of god-given freedom and lack of garage space.


Speaking of freedom, this thing's so sparsely kitted that driving it would be about as close to nature as you could get. Getting to that nature might be a bit of a hassle as it does seem to not presently be road-worthy, even in Texas. It does come with a box of spare parts and the assurance that all it needs are a few minor things to make sure John Law will give it a pass.

Illustration for article titled For $1,750, This Custom Buggy Is Ready For The Dunes

Once you get to the actual dunes, you'll likely appreciate the light weight, fat knobbies in back, and the dual cutting brakes. Fun features include a VW speedo mounted under the steering shaft's crossbar, wonky lights, and a fuel tank that hangs prominently off the simple roll cage.

It doesn't get much more elemental than this, and a conveyance so simple should have a simple price too, right? Well, the asking on this top-like dune buggy is very simply $1,750, no trades, no hassles, no hippies.

Illustration for article titled For $1,750, This Custom Buggy Is Ready For The Dunes

What do you think about this crazy dune buggy and its $1,750 price tag? Does that seem like a deal? Or, is this buggy's price - like everything else in Texas - too big?


You decide!


Austin Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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The changes were small, at first, but Steve knew something was up when Joe missed a weekend in the hills. They went the next weekend, but Alice didn't come with them. That wasn't unexpected - she didn't come every weekend, but Steve's suspicions were aroused.

Then there were more changes. Joe and Alice weren't smoking any more. Steve didn't care much himself - he didn't have an interior to get stunk up by the smoke - but he knew that was better for them. But Steve knew that things were going to change a lot when he saw new stuff coming into the house - brightly colored boxes and pastel furniture. Alice was moving a little more carefully and her belly was beginning to grow. It all began to click into place.

So that morning when Joe replaced his distributor, battery, and coil, Steve wasn't surprised. Steve got a really good hose-down — he loved the way the pressure-washer felt on his mesh — and as Joe was wiping him off, Steve knew what was coming.
"It's time, buddy." said Joe.
"I know," said Steve.
"Someone else is going to have a lot of fun with you" said Joe.
"I know." said Steve.
Joe went to fix Steve's wonky headlight, the one that always pointed skyward.
"Leave it," said Steve. "We never run at night, and I like watching the stars when you've gone to bed."
"OK," Joe said. He cracked open a beer and a bottle of 15W50. Joe took a swig of the beer and topped up the VW. "To new chapters in our lives," said Joe.
"New chapters. New adventures" said Steve.