For $1,750, This Corrado Is Your Tijuana Taxi

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Corrado isn’t a Spanish word, but it does sound like cerrado, which in Spanish means closed. Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe VW Corrado is in Spanish speaking Mexico, but will its price cerrado the deal?

El Florido is a small town on the eastern edge of Tijuana, just north of the Carretera Libre A Tecate. Today’s 1991 Volkswagen Corrado has perhaps plied that highway, as the small sporty Vee-dub was made to eat up miles.


For those of you unfamiliar, Tijuana is the largest municipality on the Baja Peninsula, and serves as both a business and industrial center, as well as a legendary draw as a tourist destination, just across the border from San Diego California.

It’s probably that fun town rep that is most prominent in peoples minds as Tijuana is a place were you can seemingly get anything you want, from high-end jewelry to great food to fireworks and the best bargains in social diseases you could want. I’ve been there many a time, and have always known when it’s time for a return visit when the burning sensation upon peeing dies down. Ah yes, good times.

I’m kidding of course, and do recommend making a run for the border should you be in San Diego with a few hours to kill. You can even just strut right on over and into town if you like.

Of course you might want to drive this 1991 Corrado back, as there are, on average, 300,000 people making the crossing on any given day, and it’s a lot better to sit in a VW's throne than hoof it when going through customs. And remember, never try and smuggle anything illicit across the border by sticking it up your butt, as that’s the first place they look.


Serving as the nominal replacement for the Scirocco, the Corrado never generated as much enthusiasm as did its predecessor. That’s despite the fact that the Corrado is arguably better looking than the second-generation wind car, and at least as good looking as the first.


The Corrado also came with two things the Scirocco never did, supercharged engines and eventually an available V6. This arrest me red ’91 has the V6, which as we all know is a really an inline engine that’s been scrunched up so that the bores somewhat overlap, requiring their being staggered as a result. That demands a complex single head for both banks of the 2.8-litre 179-bhp mill.


Here is where this car gets kind of funny. The ad says that this is a ’91, but it’s my understanding that the VR6 didn’t make an appearance in the Corrado until the 1992 model year. Adding to the shenanigans is the fact that the VR6 badge displayed in the ad is from a Jetta (Bora en México).

Other notable pluses and minuses to consider before heading to TJ are the HID headlamps, which do notably flank a grille-less nose. It also has curb-rashed alloys upon which have been fitted some of the skinniest rubber this side of a Hello Daddy brand condom. Supposedly the steering wheel comes off too, but I don’t know if that’s on purpose or not.


On the brighter side, the title is said to be clear so actually driving this Corrado out of Mexico will unlikely lead to you ending up in a five-star Mexican jail. The car also looks pretty good, but that could just be the Instagram’d pics and their quaint and exotic backdrop. It also has the most hilarious front plate which offers an eff-off to all things JDM. I’m still wiping the tears away for that one.


The seller wants $1,750 for the car and you know need to decide if it’s worth the pesos, or if you’d give it a pass... oh.

You decide!


Tijuana Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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