Florida Slightly Redeemed By Googling 'Mazda Miata' More Than Anyone

Florida, America's Most American State, gets made fun of quite a bit around here over its residents' proclivity for drug-fueled fighting, public sex and car crashes, often at the same time. But Floridians do have one redeeming quality: they Google "Mazda Miata" more than any other state. Great job!


This map from the real estate blog Estately has been making its rounds on the web lately, and it shows — according to their research in Google Trends — the terms the various states search for more than other states.

Note that these do not seem to be the terms that these states search for the most, but rather just the terms Estately ran through Google Trends and then sorted by how often they're entered geographically.

Estately ran hundreds of search queries through Google Trends to determine which words, terms, and questions each state was searching for more than any other. The results ranged from mildly amusing to completely disturbing.


You can say that again. "Conjugal visits" for Arizona, "Do I have herpes?" for Texas, and "Sniffing glue" for New York? Awful results all around.

But the good news is that Florida, as weird and potentially hazardous to your health as it is, is full of Miata lovers. Estately's data shows they searched for "Mazda Miata" more than any other state. They must be good people after all! What else did they search for?

Alligator Wrestling / Botox / Eyebrow Piercing / Hulk Hogan / Juviderm / Lice / Mazda Miata / MDMA / Obamacare / Stand Your Ground / Swingers / Viagra / What is sarcasm?


Huh. Okay, then. At least some of those things are fun.

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