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Why Did It Take So Long For The 25th Anniversary Miata To Sell Out?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Mazda's 25th Anniversary Edition Miata went on sale yesterday. All 100 cars sold out in 10 minutes. Why the hell did it take so long?


Come on Miata fans, there were just 100 of these special edition cars to buy. How did you not have $32,000 burning a hole in your pocket to buy these? This is the car you've been waiting for.

Mazda took registrations from 250 buyers, with the first 100 being given the first crack at placing an order for one. That means there are backup buyers in case someone drops out. This is a Miata, people. Who would drop out of the chance to buy a Miata? That is bush league.


Still, 10 minutes is pretty good. But it just could have been so much quicker. Step your game up people. Step your game up.