Florida Man Sick Of His $1,000,000 Island, Wants To Trade For A Porsche 918

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A few years ago, a Florida man listed his own private island in Florida on Craigslist, hoping to trade the undeveloped land for a Ferrari Enzo. That didn’t happen, but now the same Florida man is back again to offer a trade for his $1,000,000 island for a Porsche 918.


So what’s happened in the last three years to make the man, named Emilio, switch from shilling his private island for an Enzo to shilling his private island for a Porsche 918 Spyder? Teamspeed managed to get up with him about his listing for a trade on Racing Junk.

So why are you offering up your island to trade for cars rather than just selling it?

“Sometimes, with cars, I wouldn’t mind doing the trade. It’s a lot easier. Sometimes [the Porsche 918s], once somebody purchases them, they want a lot more than they pay for them. Most people who bought the 918, they paid around $800,000-$900,000 because they’re limited production.”

What made you shift from the Ferrari to the Porsche?

“I own a 911, and I feel like the Porsche is one of the best cars made. It’s drivable, less expensive, maintenance is better. You can get in and drive it, whereas the Ferrari you probably can’t drive it everyday.”

Emilio says he hasn’t driven the 918 but he’s done the research and believes the 918 would make for a better daily driver than McLaren P1, Ferrari Enzo or the new LaFerrari.

But he did say he would also consider an offer to trade the island for P1 or LaFerrari, should someone come forward. You can also just buy the island from him for $1,000,000 if you so choose.

Check out the full interview with Emilio over on Teamspeed, and thanks to my ‘m8' Manuel for sending in the tip!

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sm70- why not Duesenberg?

I will happily trade him my car.