Fisker's Electric SUV Has a Gigantic Jaw

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Most non-car people are familiar with Fisker because of the striking-looking-if-flawed Fisker Karma, though the man has designed some other well-known and remarkable cars like the BMW Z8 and Aston Martin V8 Vantage. Fisker announced a plan Monday morning to introduce a mass-market SUV priced around $40,000 and with a planned range of 300 miles. It also has a massive face.

This announcement comes on the heels of Tesla’s Model Y announcement last week, which is also an all-electric SUV to be priced somewhere around $40,000. Considering that this SUV announcement is something of a surprise since up until now Fisker had been pushing their EMotion sedan with the bonkers doors, it appears that perhaps Tesla’s announcement caused Fisker to shuffle their plans.

Also, it’s reported that the solid-state battery tech planned for the EMotion isn’t ready yet, too, which is also a likely reason for a shift in focus.


The still-nameless SUV has Fisker’s trademark bold styling. In this case, most of that styling seems to have focused on the massive bumper area, which incorporates two large side air intake nostrils and a huge non-grille section in the middle with a grille-suggesting “parametric” pattern.

Also interesting is the small glass window for the radar emitter unit just above the not-grille area, a refreshing unashamed way to deal with a radar emitter window instead of trying to hide it like it’s something to be embarrassed by, like many other automakers.

As yet nothing is known about the SUV’s actual interior volume or overall size or, anything, really, though Fisker did suggest it could be, among other things, “open-air”:

“With the touch of a button, an extended open-air atmosphere will be made possible without compromising the rugged and safe structural integrity of an SUV. The vastly spacious interior is complemented by a modern aesthetic and high-quality materials. Dashboard features will include a large heads-up display and a unique, intuitive user interface that will control some of the latest emerging in-vehicle technologies.”


Supposedly the SUV, which is planned to be built in America, will have two motors, front and rear, for AWD, and a prototype is expected at the end of the year.

I guess we’ll see what happens. Hopefully it’ll turn out better than the Karma.

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Well, like the Karma, I expect this to be a very pretty, and poorly managed production that inevitably falls on its face 2 years after it’s currently announced release date.

Getting into building expensive cars is challenging and expensive, but absolutely nothing compared to the difficulty and costs of building inexpensive cars.

I wish them the best, and am glad that I’ll have another beautiful concept to look at for the next few years and an interesting story to follow.

Hopefully it goes better than Faraday Future.