Fisker Karma S Sunset Concept

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Fisker teased us earlier this week with a detail shot of the Karma S Sunset Concept, but we decided to uncover the droptop a little early thanks to KORSdesign.


Henrik Fisker’s little coachbuilding shop will take the wraps off of the Fisker Karma production car at the Detroit Auto Show and will have a little something extra to show off their range of abilities. Fisker’s little something extra will actually be a little less by removing two of the doors and the roof from the Karma sedan. Officially dubbed the Fisker Karma S Sunset, the concept will feature the same plug-in Q-DRIVE lithium-ion battery powertrain good for 50 miles on a single charge and roughly 408 horsepower from two electric motors. A small gasoline engine turns the generator and should allow for extra range, though it’s not yet been determined what that range will be.


Click HERE to see the 2010 Fisker Karma S Sunset!

The Karma S Sunset Concept will feature a very similar design to its production sedan sibling, though the four-door setup will be replaced by two larger coupe-like doors and the roof will be missing, instead replaced by either a retractable soft or a hard top convertible. Other changes will occur to the lower rocker area with a newly sculpted body side and detailing. The front end design will likely remain the same in order to share the Karma family face, but could receive unique treatment if there should ever be a production version. The interior will be similar to the Karma production sedan, but rear seat occupants will be a little more squeezed due to the packaging of the convertible top.

The Fisker Karma S Sunset will officially make its debut on January 12th at the Detroit Auto Show, until then take a peek at the illustrations from KORSdesign.

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The proportions are rather ungainly. Who would want a 2-door convertible the size of a Buick LeSabre?