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Fisker Sunset Concept Heading To Detroit

Illustration for article titled Fisker Sunset Concept Heading To Detroit

Fisker will be unveiling a new concept at the Detroit Auto Show, the romantically named Sunset. What is it?


Other than the cheeseball name and its resemblance to the hybrid Fisker Karma, as evidenced by this picture, details are scarce. Henrik Fisker, who struck out on his own after designing the BMW Z8 and the current Aston Martin range will unveil the Fisker Sunset on January 12. The lack of a B-pillar on the driver's side of this tease, combined with the name, hint at a convertible. This would give the company the chance to claim the first production drop-top hybrid, but there's no way to be sure this is what the Sunset is. Whatever it is, we expect music by Enya, a rose-tinted dry ice and laser show and maybe even some interpretive dance designed to convey just how emotional the Sunset is about shrinking polar ice caps. [source: Fisker]

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Plecostomus [Tyrrell]

It's a Convertible and/or roadster.

If it has a top, it's a folding hardtop.

What do I win if I'm right?