First photo of $1.5 million Ferrari Enzo crashing into the ocean

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Earlier today, Jalopnik was the first to bring you photos of the custom Ferrari Enzo that went swimming in the Atlantic Ocean. Now we've got a first photo of the rare supercar sliding into the water.

The Enzo pictured is a highly modified version of the Ferrari supercar designed to look and perform like the track-only FXX. Worth an estimated $1.5 million (dry), the car's owner — self-proclaimed bad-boy exotic dealership owner Zahir Rana — was driving it in the Targa Newfoundland alongside other exotics when he went off course.


Here's how eyewitness Mike Boldt describes the accident:

"There was a long bridge and they just came bombing down the hill across the bridge. They took an uneven left off a driveway... and he was on throttle, hit one bump, on throttle, and the next bump threw him right off."


The photo above from Kia Canada shows the vehicle sliding off into the water. It apparently was picked up by the tide and floated for a bit before being towed onshore.


The driver and co-driver are in good shape physically and the car is reportedly in decent condition. Emotionally, this photo suggest Rana is a little bummed.

(Hat tip to Shawn!)

Photo Credit: Andrew Pawliuk/