$1.5 million Ferrari Enzo crashes into Canadian lake

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A rare custom Ferrari Enzo (itself already more rare than steak tartare) — claimed to be the world's fastest — crashed into a Canadian lake earlier today as part of the Targa Newfoundland race. No word on any injuries, but the doors are open so that's a good sign.UPDATE

The drivers of the car were competing in a stage of the 1,300-mile Targa Newfoundland rally race today when the Enzo lost control and pulled a Bugatti Veyron lake crash by flying into the body of water pictured.


Not only is this a rare Ferrari Enzo, it appears to be the an even more distinct Edo Enzo XX owned by Canadian exotic car dealer Zahir Rana of ZR Auto. The car was tuned to be like a streetable Ferrari FXX.

This custom Ferrari (shown here before the crash) produces 840 hp and can run to 62 mph in just 3.2 seconds with a top speed of over 240 mph. Rana has pushed his cars before and it's a race, so speed was potentially a factor in this crash.

More photos and videos as soon as they're uploaded to the internet. I wish we didn't have to use the Save the Enzos tag so often.

UPDATE: The Enzo was being driven by Zahir Rana when it crashed into the Atlantic Ocean (not a lake), according to photographer Mike Boldt. He says Rana and his co-driver were ok and the car isn't destroyed, just a little waterlogged with a cracked headlight and a few other minor issues. More info coming soon.


UPDATE 2: Here's the first photo of the Enzo crashing into the ocean.


(Hat tip to Ron!)

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This happened in CANADA, eh? Home of Adorable Canadian Actress Emily VanCamp? What a coincidence...