First A-Team Trailer: Yes, It's The Same Ol' GMC Van!

Illustration for article titled First A-Team Trailer: Yes, Its The Same Ol GMC Van!

As ridiculous as it sounds, the A-Team movie remake includes the only cast member we care about: the classic GMC A-Team van. Also, B.A. Baracus in a Lamborghini clearly pities many fools. Leaked trailer below.

(Hat tip to BaySe7en!)

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VeeArrrSix now powered by FA20F

X-Men, Transformers, GI Joe... and now A-Team. None are that great, but all of 'em still probably strike a chord with most of us who were kids in the 80's.

IMHO this looks pretty good. Hope it turns out that way.

Now... please make movies based on the Fall Guy with Lee Majors, CHiPs, and Airwolf.

Makes me want to eat cereal and watch cartoon... fuck this cubicle!