First $376,000 Lamborghini Aventador Destroyed By Fire

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A black Lamborghini Aventador burned itself up like a protesting Buddhist monk this morning in Southern California according to a poster on Luxury4Play. And here we thought self-immolation was a Ferrari trademark. UPDATE!

The owner is ok, but the gorgeous black bull is sadly a pile of blackened metal.

UPDATE! The car actually belongs to a dealer and was on a test drive, which led to this awesome pose from "Aventador Guy" and video of the fire.


We've got decent details on the fire thanks to an astute forum member who pulled down the information from a traffic site:

Car Fire - 73 South Past El Toro Rd 12:06 PM
* Black Lambo on Right Shoulder, Visual of Flames//ptys Oo Vehicle 12:06 PM
* Left Rear Wheel on Fire 12:07 PM
* Message/Item Delivered Sta 91 12:07 PM
* CHP Unit Assigned 12:09 PM
* Per Sales Associate Will Contact Lambo Newport Bch for Tow Info 12:10 PM
* CHP Unit on Scene 12:19 PM
* All 3 Lanes Closed, Using Center Divider to Move Vehicle Around 12:22 PM
* Prty Has Prvt Tow En Route 12:23 PM
* #1 Lane of Et On Ramp to South 73 Blocked By Fire 12:24 PM
* Thomas Guide Map Coordinates: 921 3C

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The "left rear wheel on fire" points to a non-collision incident, although it's too early to speculate what caused it.


Hopefully, this is just a one-off and not the start of a trend.

(Hat tip to Robb!)

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So why exactly do we blow so much sunshine up these exotics' asses when they are just unreliable, flammable deathtraps? Because they have big motors and go fast? Because they're uber expensive and a socially acceptable substitute for a little d!ck?


If I spent a quarter of a million or more on a car it better not have a tendency to self ignite; and if for some reason it did, it damn well better have its own suppression system built in and then the ability to perform roadside self regeneration.

Geez!! At least with a Pinto you had to hit it before it became a raging fireball.

What pieces of sh!t!

/Nader /Rant