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There's a new Chevy Camaro, but with Pontiac dead, aftermarket shops are stepping into the Atlanta-bound-truck-trailer-filled-with-beer-sized breach, designing their own conversion kits for a new Trans Am. One shop's conveniently left theirs staged outside for a GMInsideNews forumite to photograph.


This mulletgasm-of-a-conversion kit's got a Firebird-like snout as well as a custom rear end shrouded by canvas. There's also a big ol' hood bulge which looks like it's been built for a bigger-than-standard engine. Can someone say LS9?


While we've seen a few conversions so far — including the Bandit Trans Am and Lingenfelter T/A concept, the Trans Am conversion kit the GMI reader looks to have spotted appears to be either the Gearhead Performance or ASC kit — both of which we'd last heard were still in concept rendering stages.

We think it's more likely to be the ASC-built kit judging by where it was spotted — in suburban Detroit. Although if it was spotted in Farmington Hills, as the thread seems to indicate, we've no idea why the ASC kit would be so far away from their home in Warren. Whatever, maybe it was just easier to get the spy photos taken there. (Hat tip to Prawo Jazdy and the Velocity Trumpets!) [via GMI]

Photo Credit: MarkR14 at GMInsideNews

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