Final Veyron Will Be Shown at 2015 Geneva Auto Show: Who Gives A Shit?

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Bugatti announced, loudly, that the final Veyron made will be shown at the Geneva Auto Show this year. And I just checked my big, insulated duffel bag, and it seems I'm just fresh out of shits to give. What Bugatti will really be showing in Geneva is the Least Important Car at The Show.

That's a little unfair. The last car made of any car carries some degree of importance, so there's that. There's actually eight open slots for the last Veyron Grand Sport, but the one shown at Geneva will likely be the very last. Even so, I ask again: who gives a shit?


The last Veyron Grand Sport will be an impeccably-built, luxurious 1200 HP gilded anvil that sells for about $2.5 million dollars. Chances are extremely good this car will never see more than 100 miles in its lifetime, which will likely be spent in some billionaire's garage/sex dungeon.

Veyrons have always been ridiculous. I get why the VW group made them in the first place, because we all can understand the desire to win the grand urinating contest of Who Makes The Fastest Car You Can Buy, Ever. They're bought almost exclusively by people to show they have an obscene amount of money, and that's pretty much it. They're never used to anything approaching their potential, and most get barely driven at all.


So, fuck the Veyron. Good riddance. With cheap-ass Hellcats making HP numbers in spitting distance of the Veyron's anyway — or at least equally unusably absurd — does it even matter anymore? Of course your $2+ million car is insanely fast. Duh. In the end, if it just sits there, who really cares?


The Veyron's swan song could have been much different, and far more interesting. What if the final run of Veyrons was a series of stripped-down track machines, freed from all the luxury frippery and advertisements of wealth, and sold for around, oh, $500-$750,000? That'd be far more engaging, and maybe, just maybe, those cars would have actually showed us what the Veyron is capable of beyond making auto journalists scream about how speed feels for five minutes.

So, yeah, last Veyron. Don't let the garage door smack your exhaust pipes on the way out.

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