Fiat Is Making Lancia Delta HF Integrale Bumpers Again And That's Great News

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Photo: FotoSleuth (Flickr)

It’s true that Lancia is a shell of its former self, selling but one measly model on the Italian Market. But somewhere deep within Fiat Chrysler is someone who cares about Lancia. Someone who made this news possible. Someone who loves the Delta.

Essentially, this is what happened. Someone found the original molds used to produce the bumpers for their initial production run and managed to convince the right people to put them back to work.


After some maintenance, the molds were put back into use to produce a run of front and rear bumpers for both the Delta Evoluzione and the Delta Integrale that could be distributed through Mopar.

Check out the video to see the molds themselves which, in typical Lancia fashion, sport a Martini livery. How’s that for dedication?


This program is likely a godsend to Delta Integrale owners, whose experience as owners of vintage Italian hatchbacks is likely far from tearless when it comes to maintenance. Now, there are official parts to rely on when it comes to more frustrating fascia repairs that used to require donor parts from other cars.

And that’s really great. The Lancia Delta Integrale is a rally car legend. Back in 2015, the cars finally became eligible for importation to the United States and the Classic Car Club of Manhattan gave us a good rundown of what made the car so special, in case you’re in need of a refresher.

Even nearly five years ago when the cars were finally import-eligible, we were worried that the brand was on its way out It seemed all but inevitable that Lancia would be no more if things had been left to Sergio Marchionne. Now, as Groupe PSA gobbles up Fiat Chrysler, the official word is that no FCA brands will be axed. I’d like to believe that this bodes well for the brand.

The interest in the Delta is clearly sufficent to warrant another run of bumpers, especially on the heels of last year’s Delta re-imagination at the hands of Automobili Amos, and you know what? That’s just great. Just great news all around.