Ferrari Signs F1's Youngest Champion Sebastian Vettel

German half-robot, half-man Sebastian Vettel isn't just F1's youngest champion; he's the sport's youngest quadruple champion. And he just (officially) signed with Ferrari.


I say officially because this has been the worst kept secret in the business for about two months now. Red Bull announced he was leaving in early October and that oh hey those fellows in the red jumpers seem to be making attractive offers at this guy.

Don't let the hedging in that headline fool you. We knew, everyone knew that Vettel was Ferrari bound.

The deal (confirmed here on Ferrari's website) is a three-year contract at a rumored 150 million pounds according to the Daily Fail. That would make Vettel the highest paid athlete in the world, which is saying a lot for a goofy, scrawny German kid.


The best part of the deal is that Vettel's teammate will be none other than eccentric mumbler and Finnish national tattoo advocate Kimi Räikkönen. Vettel and Kimi are best buds, horsing around in the paddock when nobody's looking, doing impressions of each other, eating ice cream sandwiches together, that sort of thing.


Ferrari claims that their weak-ass season this year is no coincidence and they're just ramping up for success in the coming year or two. We'll see if they're right.


Photo Credit: Getty

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