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Ferrari Driver Stomped For Running Over Cop's Foot Sued By Cop For $10 Million

Illustration for article titled Ferrari Driver Stomped For Running Over Cops Foot Sued By Cop For $10 Million

Julien Chabbott, the confirmed poser boyfriend of Stephanie Pratt who ran over a cop's foot in his Ferrari 458 Spider this month, may have more ass-kicking in his future. The New York Post reports the cop will sue him for $10 million.


Felix Recio, the assaulted 34-year-old cop from Queens, has hired nightlife lawyer Sal Strazzullo. He is expected to sue for personal injury as well as raise the charges on Chabbott. Strazzullo told the Post,

Chabbott clearly had no regard for Officer Recio's life. Hitting him with his Ferrari could have caused serious injuries or death. I would like the charges adjusted to first-degree assault. I am meeting with the district attorney's office next week to discuss bringing more serious charges.


Chabbott's attorney is making the claim that Recio is faking his injury and has no case.

We are not aware of any civil lawsuit. Indeed, I would be shocked if a $10 million lawsuit is in fact being contemplated given the fact that we have developed information to the effect that the officer in question appears to have suffered no injury whatsoever.

As the legal fees are sure to rack up in the coming months, we would like to remind drivers not to screw around with the NYPD. It's not a good idea.

Photo Credit: Damian Morys

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Xander, Proud of BOXER

While that guy in the Ferrari is a dick, the cop is also a dick.

This is a stupid lawsuit and shows the basest of human traits.