Ferrari Cruise Ended Very Badly for This F50 That Couldn't Stop in Time

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Screenshot: madeincapri (YouTube)

An armada of Ferraris has been cruising around the island of Capri for an exclusive event called the Cavalcade, which sounds awesome, and probably was, until a 488 Pista inexplicably stopped short and got plowed into by a skidding F50. Occupants appear to be OK but the vehicle looks tragic.

Hard information on exactly what happened seems scarce and I still can’t tell where the original upload of this video is, but it seems pretty clear that a blue Ferrari 488 stopped hard in the middle of a road for an unknown reason, and a red F50 smashed into its tail.


Zooming in on the image, the F50 has a big “Cavalcade Capri 2019” emblem on its mangled hood, so it seems pretty clear that this did indeed happen at the event which was scheduled to end June 22nd.


I did reach out to the organisers to find out if there are any more details to share, and I’ll update this post if I hear back, but I’m not getting my hopes up. We probably will start to see more trickle into social media soon, though.

Having watched the remarkably poorly filmed crash footage several times now, I still can’t figure out why the blue car stopped. But once that happened, it’s not hard to imagine the F50 locking up its brakes and losing control even if it wasn’t going all that fast to begin with... that’s not the kind of car that responds well to sudden, blunt inputs.


As for repair costs, yeah, yikes. What an unfortunate day to watch so many Ferraris get destroyed.

Videos seem to show a driver and passenger of the F50 milling around uninjured, but the fate of the people in the blue car is unknown. Here’s hoping they are OK–whiplash is no joke and it can happen even if you’re rear-ended at a fairly modest pace.


Hat tip to Ken!