Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham and the rest of Universal’s Fast 8 crew is currently relocating to Iceland to blow up the peaceful island using multiple Ripsaw ATVs and armored trucks. Here are more of their stunt cars.

Jalopnik reader Ben is from Portland, and luckily for us, he also went for a walk around the port, spotting some of the actual cars (or at least the test cars) that will be used for Fast 8, including some Murciélagos, Imprezas and a Rally Fighter. Thanks to him, we also get a better look at Fast 8's military green armored trucks and their snorkels, plus a golf cart, of all things.


Subaru is not new to this game of course, having donated seven Imprezas for the filming of Furious 7. But should we start printing those Save All Trashy Murciélagos T-shirts already?

Can they get more ridiculous with all these fast moving objects than they did for Furious 7?

Of course. That’s the job. But here’s a reminder why that’s a tough call:

Photo credit and massive hat tip to Ben!

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