I might have been wrong about the plot of Vin Diesel’s Fast 8. As it turns out, the most furious film crew of them all is planning to blow up Iceland instead of just cruising around Manhattan, using custom built ATVs, military vehicles and heavily armored Dodge trucks. Our reader caught them at the port.

Jalopnik reader Mitch was hanging out at the docks of Portland, only to run into four tracked vehicles labeled U.S. Army, two heavily modified Dodge trucks, and a number of “humvee type” vehicles that he believes appear to be of European origin. They were loaded on flatbeds beside large tractor trailers labeled with Universal Studio’s insignia at the Eimskip shipping company’s location.

Iceland on Review reports via Vízir that Fast 8 will be partly shot in the town of Akranes, about 28 miles north of Reykjavík, Iceland’s capital. This was also confirmed by the town’s mayor. Vízir also reports that Universal’s crew is about to carry out the largest explosion ever in Iceland.


Vin Diesel and the Rock is supposed to survive beating all those volcanos in one of these heavy metal wonders built by Maine-based Howe and Howe Tech:

Full parking lot indeed...

Funny enough, I’ll also be in Iceland at the time, trying to enjoy some peace and quiet with my friends.

It’s not gonna happen though, is it, Mr. Toretto?

Hat tip and photo credit to Mitch!

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