Fashionable Cyclist Wanted For Starting Fashionable Riot During Fashion's Night Out

New York's Fashion Week is a time when skinny people parade around in clothes that nobody really understands and look at even skinnier people in items that could existentially be considered clothing.


Last week, Fashion's Night Out (the kickoff event) got ugly when an altercation between an Audi driver and a cyclist ended with a mob bashing the Audi to smithereens. Now, the cyclist is wanted for starting that riot.


The NYPD is on the lookout for the cyclist that was involved in the collision for "inciting a riot and criminal mischief." A grainy video of the cyclist has been released by the NYPD, which shows a man in a tight long sleeve tshirt on a bike. Basically, it's everyone in Lower Manhattan.

Reports state that the cyclist and the Audi nearly collided at the corner of Bowery and Bleecker Streets right here near Jalopnik's World Headquarters. But instead of exchanging apologies and going on their merry way, something much larger erupted.

The riot that ensued saw a mob start jumping on the Audi. They even shattered the rear window of the car and had the driver fearing for his life.

Since there is no name for the biker at this time, we can only go by the images. We're going to play it safe and assume every cyclist we see in Manhattan was possibly involved in this riot.

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Also... can you guys sop calling these guys fashionable? Unless, of course, your idea of fashionable is Sean John, Echo, and Rocawear...

And the cyclist isn't fashionable either. He's just a dirtbag.