An Angry, Fashionable Downtown Mob Totally Bashed An Audi During 'Fashion Night Out'

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It's Fashion Week here in Manhattan, which means hundreds of models are wondering around in clothes that make no sense and haircuts that could politely be called "interesting."


But last night, a fashionable gang out for the kickoff party, Fashion Night Out, got riled up by an Audi driver that did something wrong. Their reaction? Completely — and fashionably — trash the car.

Around 11:00 PM last night, an Audi driver, Mitchell Levine, was driving at the intersection of Bleecker and Bowery Streets here in Manhattan. Details are scarce, but it seems there was an altercation with a bicyclist.

Then things went wrong for Levine. Fabulously wrong.

Freelance photographer Jika Gonazalez was on the scene and had this to say:

At approximately 11:15 p.m. I saw a crowd around a white AUDI. A bunch of guys started jumping and running over the car. They ended up smashing the windshield while the driver, Mitchell Levine, was still in the vehicle. Levine called the police in fear for his life but the police took over 20 minutes to arrive.

From the looks of it, Levine and the cyclist disagreed over something, possibly who had the right of way. The fashionable fashion week-ers obviously took the cyclists side and started jumping on Levine's car and doing some pretty interesting dance routines.

Before the cops arrived, the mob grew to hundreds of people and the rear window of the A4 was smashed.

Witnesses didn't see any arrests occur, and the police dispersed what had become a "roving band" of glitterati. Wow.


Photo Credit: Jika Gonzalez
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Xander, Proud of BOXER

Fucking SOHO hipsters.

That's why I carry an aluminum baseball bat in the rear passenger foot well.