Faraday Future's Next Car Looks Fast As Hell, If It Gets Built

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While Faraday Future’s business side has some issues with paying its business partners, there’s no question the engineering side of the company is working on some extremely cool stuff. Here’s their prototype development vehicle looking like it’s about to whup the asses of a Bentley Bentayga, Ferrari 488 and Tesla Model X. Will we ever see it?

The Bentayga we know can beat almost any other SUV off the line, the X we know can beat the Bentayga, and the Ferrari, well, it’s a Ferrari. Not the fastest thing in the world, but it’s code for fast, and a 488 GTB can trash all but a small few other cars.


Now, there are two issues with this teaser video. The first is that we don’t actually see the results, though it is easy to imagine Faraday Future would not advertise its test car losing to its top rival, the 2.4-seconds-to-60 Tesla Model X.

The second is more severe: we can’t exactly say that this vehicle from Faraday Future in any way represents what someone might buy from the company in the coming years. We don’t know if Faraday Future is being honest about this test car representing production car spec, and we can’t even say that Faraday Future has a production car spec. They don’t have a functioning factory at the moment. Any projections towards production specification are projections alone.


Sure, Faraday Future says it will build “the world’s highest-density [cell] for a production automotive battery” with LG Chem, and it will outdo Tesla, but the question is if the company’s business side is healthy enough to pull it off.

So I’m still quite excited for Faraday Future to build this car as we see it. Hopefully the company gets there.