Pitiful $220,000 Bentley SUV Shamed By Electric Minivan

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The 600 horsepower Bentley Bentayga is a monster of an automobile, a massive feat of engineering and speed. But it is absolutely walked by the even more massive Tesla Model X.

That’s what MotorTrend figured out when they put the Bentley truck up against the world’s most desirable minivan.

I’d say that’s an embarrassment to the Bentley, but then I think that the Bentayga probably doesn’t try to squish babies.


Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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Seriously what is the purpose of these TESLA videos? Everyone that knows cars already knows the benefit of of an electric motor’s massive torque and that will win in a short drag race sure. But take it to a track I am sure the Bent will edge it out after a lap. Same as on the highway, that Bent will go and maintain it, slow down go faster. Launching it like this will also require both vehicle to go charge it up. One can be filled up anywhere where as the other can only be filled at special places, and with the amount of new Tesla owner... even longer wait.

Bentley is classy, Tesla is nerdy. A Bentley screams I have money and sure I may not be Tech savvy, but I haven’t gave up on driving. Where as a Tesla is saying... I wish autopilot is here now, I wish I can change the environment save a cow with my 100,000 purchase, I want the world to know I am always on the latest trend, like Gluten free.

If we compare the cars to formal wear. Bentley is like a custom tux, where as a Tesla is like a sports coat with a battery pak integrated. Tesla comes with coconut juice in environmentally conscious paper boxes. Where as a Bentley gets bottles of Don and actual glass and crystals.