Extra Terrestrial Vehicle Custom for $50,000!

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

You may drive an import, but it's still from the Earth. Now Nice Price or Crack Pipe has a car for you that may have been imported from another planet — a sad, sad planet where cars look like suppositories.

ETV. That stands for Extra Terrestrial Vehicle, or so the seller of this custom-bodied Chevy Aveo would have us believe. Whether this would really be how ET rolls is hard to say. Still, it doesn't look like anything else currently out on the road and would really make quite an impression with all the pasty, socially awkward people at Star Trekoning 2010. While the other attendees would arrive in their stock Aveos, public transportation, or by being dropped off by their mom, you could slip into the vacant valet line, pop the lambo doors open, and roll out, resplendent in your silver unitard and ETV-emblazened codpiece.


Of course, arriving in so unique and futuristic a ride will guarantee a crowd will collect, and questions will be asked. Questions such as Is that your car? and Is that supposed to look like the Falopian shuttlecraft from Voyager episode E367? which will be asked in the same tone as did you just crap yourself? It'll be something you'll just have to get used to.

You'd think something of this provenance would be unique in the world, that once completed- its maker would have destroyed the molds out of honor for his work. But that's not the case, and the builder threatens even more of the cars will spring forth like the hatching Tardasian earwig eggs laid in your brain from episode R654. Not only that, but he claims to be befouling a boxster with this body, making it able to move under its own power, something the 1.6 litre/auto gearbox Aveo drivetrain might not be capable of. Also potentially hampering getting from Point A to Point B are the height-adjustable suspension and fully enclosed wheels. While that makes the car look like something Will Smith might land on after being hurled by iRobot, driveway aprons and sleeping policemen will make getting back to the future in it a challenge.

Another challenge you face in making this car part of your future is that price. Fifty thousand bucks would go a long way in completing your Original Trilogy costume collection, and really, who wouldn't be jealous of you owning Darth Vader's sweat-stained turtleneck? You're torn however, by your competing loves of cars and girl-repellent collectables, so that fifty large may be a compelling price to star in your own off-planet adventure.


So,is $50,000 a Nice Price for a car potentially from Mars? Or does that price make you think it's circling Uranus?

You decide!


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