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Exclusive 2006 SEMA Preview: Yeah, This Dodge Nitro's Got A HEMI

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Remember that HEMI-powered Dodge Nitro we showed a quick sketch of last month — the one Edmunds told us was going to be ready to show as a one-off at SEMA? We told you the vitals last time:

The modified 5.7-liter V8 [HEMI] will be paired with a Tremec five-speed, Brembo brakes and 22-inch Alcoa wheels (can't wait). The paint job will be a black-purple metallic (also known as blackberry), with a two-tone interior in black and slate gray, with four bucket seats lifted from the its Viper sibling.

Well, we can now confirm all of that's correct — and on top of the gallery we've linked to below from our secret undercover mission into the heart of Auburn Hills, we can add to that the following additional details — it's also got Yokohama tires (285/35R22) and Kicker subs in the trunk. Also, it's really pucking furple.


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