Jalopnik got a hold of some juicy details on Top Gear's next season and lemme just tell ya: it's gonna be awesome. There will be yacht races, taxi races, a new reasonably priced car, and tons of supercars all premiering on June 30th.

Here are some highlights of next season, courtesy of our secret source... Topgear.com. Warning, spoilers ahead.

  • In typical Top Gear fashion, the three geniuses decide to show off Britain's economic superiority over another nation. Britain ain't doin' so hot financially, but Spain's way worse off. To make themselves feel better, the guys take a couple of expensive supercars to visit their Iberian friends.
  • Richard Hammond hoons the crap out of a bunch of taxis to see which is best.
  • Top Gear knows what its viewers want. They know we dig races between cars and other modes of transportation. Not to disappoint, the Brits are headed to New Zealand to give us a race between a rally car and an America's Cup Yacht. This should be entertaining. Word on the street is they're already pissing off the locals.
  • The Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series is an incredible car. With a 622 horsepower V8 under the expansive hood, the thing is both fast and beautiful. The Mercedes SLS AMG Electric Drive is just as beautiful and, with 740 horsepower, even more powerful. But how will the heavier electric SLS handle when pitted against its gasoline-powered brother? We'll find out when Jeremy hoons them in a comparison test.
  • Jeremy and James decide to figure out what the hell a "crossover" is. They hook up trailers to some of the world's most popular crossovers and quality informative television ensues (read: mayhem).
  • The boys try to engineer a vehicle capable of taking on the world's worst floods. Using hovercraft technology, they hope to finally build something that isn't complete garbage. Based on their past engineering feats, this oughta be good.
  • Our American brother Richard Hammond conducts a hot-hatch comparison between three of the quickest hatchbacks on the market.
  • Jeremy, Richard, and James are proud of the British car industry. Sure, there's not much left of it, but what is left is pretty awesome. To prove this point, Jeremy tests the beautiful new Jaguar F-Type, Richard drives the new Range Rover Sport, and James drives the new Bus For London. James definitely drew the short straw, but I'm sure his review will be highly entertaining. Either that, or overly technical and boring. We'll see.
  • Mr. Clarkson takes us to Scottland in a brand new 730 horsepower Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.
  • Top Gear will present us with the new reasonably priced car. We'll see if any of you were able to guess right. To celebrate the new reasonably priced car, the guys at Top Gear decide to host a barbecue.

You get to see what all the fuss is about when the first episode airs on June 30th. After looking at the pictures above, what are you guys excited about?