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One bizarre consequence of Ferrari's sack-a-palooza: Gene Haas. The Haas Formula One team will use Ferrari engines in 2016, and as such, Gene Haas has been working closely with Ferrari. In an interview with Leigh Diffey, Haas mentioned, "Whoever I spoke to [at Ferrari] got fired! I better stop speaking to people."


Somehow we don't think it's all him.

"There's a lot of pressure on Ferrari," continued Haas, who was being interviewed by Diffey for Sports Business Daily. "Ferrari is obviously a marquee car builder, and Formula 1 is their marquee racing series. And they want to win. There's just a lot of pressure there. I have to respect that."


Ferrari has completely shuffled around most of their higher-ups since Haas started working with them on the 2016 engine deal. Both F1 team boss Marco Mattiacci and president Luca di Montezemolo have moved on from the Italian marque.

Perhaps Haas should get an interpreter to speak for him if there's any person on the team he really wants to stick around. You know, so there's no direct contact. Pass notes, perhaps? Maybe he could do this via some messages in a bottle.

With Caterham and Marussia bowing out, Haas knows the pressure is on for any new teams stepping into F1. "If you get it wrong, it's a disaster," he mentioned in the same interview.

Hopefully Ferrari cleaning house in light of poor performance this year will give both Haas and the Scuderia a better chance to succeed.


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