Photo: Justin Westbrook. Art by Raphael Orlove

Have we reached a saturation point on 2020 Toyota Supra content? Maybe. But even if you’re tired of reading about the new Toyota sports car, surely you’re not tired of hearing about it. Because the exhaust seems lovely.

“Best sound clip I’ve heard of the car yet,” a reader named Colton emailed us yesterday about the video below. Listen to this short but sweet motion picture highlighting the inline-six’s aural goodness:

It’s no V8, obviously, but it’s got a nice high-pitched yell that crackles as the revs drop. I dig it.

If that little vid wasn’t satisfying enough, there’s more out there, so go ahead: Get into something comfortable, light a few candles, and have a longer listen to the new Supra:

Lovely. I’m excited the hear this thing in person.