EV Truck Maker Bollinger Reveals Stuff We've Pretty Much Seen Before But They're Still Cool

Bollinger, makers of gleefully boxy electric pickup trucks and SUVs that still aren’t available to buy just yet, had a big reveal yesterday of their four-door versions of their B1 SUV and B2 pickup truck. The SUV and pickup are very similar to the two-door versions we’ve seen (and crawled all over) already, but there are some updated numbers for power and battery size, though still no word yet on availability or pricing.

There was a whole livestream of the reveal, which you’re welcome to watch and enjoy, once you’ve accepted you’re not going to get any work done today, anyway:

There’s a sort of puzzling shot in the video that shows an engineer apparently testing what I’d always assumed were the near-nonexistent aerodynamics of the B1:


Of course, aerodynamics are hard and not at all obvious, and there actually were some important tweaks that the company made to their industrial HVAC unit-like vehicle, to improve cooling and downforce:

Yesterday’s reveal was more about some upgrades to the specs of the B1 and B2, perhaps most notably in their power. Originally, the B1 was only supposed to have a 360 horsepower motor, with 472 lb-ft of torque; now there’s a dual motor setup making 614 HP and 668 lb-ft.

A 120 kWh battery is now standard on all the vehicles (there used to be 60 and 100 kWH ones) and range for the four-door B1 is now at 200 miles.


The B2 pickup truck gets similar improved specs, and both still get to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds, though top speed now appears to be limited to 100 mph, which, let’s be honest, in vehicles like these is probably plenty.


The truck also has a tow rating of 7,500 pounds, and a payload capacity of 5,000 for both.


The weight ratings for both vehicles are interesting; while Bollinger gives a curb weight of 4,800 pounds for the B1 and 5,000 pounds for the B2, both have a GVWR (fully laden) of 10,001 pounds, which is likely because such a rating would make them Class 3 vehicles (like a motorhome), and as such they’d be exempted from a lot of expensive, difficult safety requirements, like having airbags.

The “reveal” didn’t say anything about price or when these will actually be for sale, which are really everyone’s big questions right now. Perhaps they will have another “reveal” soon to let us know that.

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