The Numbers We Use To Weigh Cars, Explained In One Big Chart

Much like Olympic wrestlers or supermodels, talking about cars can get pretty weight-obsessive. How much a car or truck weighs affects how much it can carry, its performance, its efficiency, how hard it is to stop and on and on. But when we talk about cars and weight, it’s not just how many pounds. There’s a number of other terms, and sometimes they can be confusing. So this should help.

Of course, all of our normal readers of course know all of this, and they’re also pretty good-looking and decent dancers, too. But it never hurts to have a chart that reminds you of the difference between, say, GVWR and curb (or kerb, if you eat beans for breakfast) weight.


So, with that in mind, here, this chart should break it all down for you:

Man, that’s a tall chart. If you print it for reference, I bet it’ll look good hanging on a closet door.

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